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Hub Location Problems In Power Projection Network Considering The Network Resilience

Posted on:2018-10-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1366330596956972Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The ability of power projection is a new military power style for the PLA in modern warfare.Given the fact that persons and materials are consolidated and deployed through the hubs of the projection network,the location of hubs has significantly influence on the efficiency and safety of the network.Suffered from the enemy's precise attack,terrorism threats,severe weather,natural disasters,etc.,hubs would be disrupted and make the network partially or completely unavailable.Design of a resilient projection network is a very important practical issue for strengthening the ability of strategic power projection.It is quite necessary that we consider the factors of hub disruption in the design of a resilient projection network.Therefore,in this dissertation,we try to improve the project network resilience through hub location strategy design and taking flexible management measures considering the hub failure factors.Firstly,the regular hub location problem in the power projection network with no hub disruption is studied.The process of power projection is modeled as intermodal transport problems with time restriction and an integer programs model is constructed.To solve the complex problem,we develop a tabu search heuristic based on a specific Floyd shortest path algorithm.Simulation results show that the algorithm is convergent and effective.The model in this charpter can be taken as a benchmark and the proposed heuristic gives a basic framework of algorithm design for the subsequent research.Secondly,a resilient hub location strategy considering the failure of specific hubs is proposed.Not only the network cost in normal state is considered,but also the cost in the worst-case situation is taken into account.A bi-objective and tri-level integer programming model is proposed,which can be used to make tradeoffs between the performance of the network in normal and wartime state.A multi-objective tabu search algorithm based on a multinomial probability mass function is developed to solve the model.Computational example shows that the results can provide some useful references for the hub location decisions in design of a resilient power projection network.Thirdly,the study is extended to the scenario which several hubs in the projection network would be disrupted randomly.A stochastic programming model is adopted and a heuristic algorithm based on Monte Carlo method and tabu search is proposed.Traditionally research usually suit for the situation that there is at most one hub would be disrupted.The proposed method is more general in the presence of numbers of hubs would fail even with different failure probability.Compared with the benchmark model,the model which takes the factor of stochastic failure of hubs into account can give a more resilient power projection network.Fourthly,we put forward a redundancy strategy including pre-arranged backup routes for the design of a resilient power projection network.With this strategy,a stochastic programming model is established,which includes both pre-arranged planning and post emergency scheduling.A tabu search algorithm based on dynamic programming and Monte Carlo method is developed.Numerical studies show that the pre-arranged route in the network can not only absorb the impact of the hubs failure directly,but also can improve the effect of post emergency route scheduling due to the increasing of the network connectivity.However,this effect marginally increases at first and then declines with the risk of the network increasing.Finally,problems of identifying critical hub facilities in the projection networks with different patterns of hub failure are analyzed from the resilience perspective.From the view of game theory,a two level integer programming model and a mixed stochastic programming model are developed respectively,which can provide some guidance for determining the hub protection or repair strategy.It shows that identifying the key hub facilities and taking some protective measures can dramatically improve the network resilience in the situation of facing grave enemy threat.The research above can provide some theoretical basis and tools for the power projection network design and the defense transportation construction.The dissertation has a certain amount of innovation since it deepens and expands current researches of power projection and hub location problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:power projection, hub location, network resilience, hub disruption, multiobjective programming, backup route
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