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Study On Kindergarten Teachers' Self-regulated Learning Mental Mechanism

Posted on:2017-09-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1367330488982719Subject:Pre-primary Education
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Under the background of information age and learning society,teachers have been advocated to master their own professional development roads with each passing day.Kindergarten teachers'self-regulated learning based on daily working situations and existing knowledge and experiences has become a new hotspot in current teachers' education study for it can manifest teachers' subjectivity.The study can not only contributes to developing and deepening self-regulated learning theory of kindergarten teachers but also indicates directions for seeking effective path for kindergarten teachers'professional development and enhancing whole quality of kindergarten teachers,so that the study has vitally important theoretical values and practical significances.In this paper,the author tried to discuss self-regulated learning of kindergarten teachers on the basis of systematically doing up relevant research results,guided by social cognition learning theory·and self-directed learning theory,through using the method of combining quantitative research and qualitative research,under the background of teacher's professional development.The author investigated kindergarten teachers' self-regulated learning status and influence factors,analyzed kindergarten teachers' self-regulated learning structure and organization operation processes and ways,and interpreted position and role of kindergarten teachers'self-regulated learning in professional development.Research findings:kindergarten teachers' self-regulated learning is mainly made up of learning motivation belief,learning strategy,and learning self-regulation.Learning motivation belief mainly include value consciousness,self-efficacy,and active consciousness;learning strategy mainly includes knowledge transformation,sharing exchange,reflection practice,viewing and imitation,and critical thinking questioned;learning self-regulation mainly includes self-plan and self-regulation,self-motivation and control.Kindergarten teachers' self-regulated learning process includes pre-learning plan(motivate learning activities,set learning objectives,and break down learning tasks),in-learning execution(take advantage of learning resources,regulate learning process,and implement learning control),and post-learning reflection(do up learning outcomes,assess learning quality,and prepare for afterwards learning).In the whole process,expert teachers are better at finding problems from practical situations,are more active in professional development,pay more attention to realization to intentions and aims,and can draw up high-quality learning plans,when compared with novice teachers;and at the same time,expert teachers have higher level in applying learning strategies,can be stronger in learning self-regulation,and can adjust learning processes timely and effectively to guarantee smooth realization of learning objectives;expert teachers are better at summarizing and refining more abstract and general learning experiences,for the sake of extraction and transfer in following learning and tend to sum up the lesson of success or failure,to constantly adjust and improve learning strategy to achieve better learning effects.As for occupational commitments and job satisfaction,self-regulated learning has the most powerful explanation in kindergarten teachers' professional development degree and prediction in learning strategy.And at the same time,kindergarten teachers,self-regulated learning and three constituents have certain mediating effects on occupational commitments,job satisfaction,and vocational maturity,and in occupational commitments' prediction on vocational maturity,mediating effects generated by learning strategy are relatively greater;however,in job satisfaction's prediction on vocational maturity,mediating effects generated by learning self-regulation are relatively greater.In order to support and promote kindergarten teachers' self-regulated learning,the author put forward the following suggestions on the basis of the above research conclusions:firstly,kindergarten teachers shall pursue their current occupation as an undertaking,constantly optimizing self-regulated learning process and operation mode,comprehensively upgrading their own professional quality,learning to concern and solve intentions and purposes behind concrete practice issues,and formulating high-quality learning plans accordingly;and at the same time,kindergarten teachers' shall constantly accumulate and enrich cognition and experiences for using various strategies in learning,particularly intensifying knowledge processing and practical application level,enhancing self-observation and self-monitoring during learning,and timely and effectively adjusting learning process,so as to guarantee smooth realization of learning objectives;in addition,kindergarten teachers shall strengthen profoundness of post-learning reflection and learn strategy attribution,so as to acquire better learning effects in following learning.Secondly,kindergartens shall create organizational environment to support and to promote kindergarten teachers' self-regulated learning from liberating learning time,setting up correct understandings,expanding learning resources from multiple channels,building scientific and reasonable learning incentive and evaluation mechanism,and constructing mutually supported and cooperative learning atmosphere.Thirdly,teachers' training institutions shall strengthen students' seamless joint in theory and practice(majoring in pre-school education)from the aspect of pre-service cultivation,paying attention to training their professional identity,professional affection,learning consciousness,and learning quality,to guarantee kindergarten teachers' professional and development sustainability;teachers' training institutions shall fully investigate and survey kindergarten teachers' realistic demands,comprehensively consider individual difference of kindergarten teachers,take proper training ways to promote digest of kindergarten teachers' external formatting knowledge and tacit knowledge,and mainly enhance their learning strategy application level in knowledge transformation,reflection,and practice.Fourthly,Administrative Department for Education shall provide policy guarantee for kindergarten teachers,which can stimulate kindergarten teachers' subjectivity in professional development,from promoting kindergarten teachers' social status,guaranteeing their welfare,treatment,and appraising,specifying and promoting the whole industry's requirements on educational history,and comprehensively promoting kindergarten teachers' technical title system reform.
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