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Research On Influencing Factors And Promoting Strategies Of Personalized Learning For Junior High School Students

Posted on:2020-07-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The 21 st century calls for innovative talents,but the traditional group teaching model cannot meet the needs of talent cultivation in the current era.At present,the innovation reform of education in all countries of the world is dedicated to providing personalized,precise and lifelong learning services for every student.Personalized learning has been around for a long time,but its development has been very slow.The reason is that on the one hand,there is still ambiguity in the current understanding of this concept in the field of personalized learning;on the other hand,there is still a lack of specific and clear explanations on the implementation strategies and processes of personalized learning.The vague understanding of "what is personalized learning","what factors affect personalized learning" and "how we can achieve personalized learning" directly restricts the implementation of personalized learning.Therefore,this paper uses the grounded theory,semi-structured interviews,explanatory structure model,questionnaire survey,structural equation model and other methods to carry out the following three aspects:First,I answered the question "What is the current status of personalized learning practice for junior high school students in China?" and on this basis,I reflected on the question "What is personalized learning?" Through the survey,it is found that the penetration rate of the personalized learning practice of junior high school students is low in China,and there are few activities for personalized learning.At the same time,in the process of research and analysis of the status quo,the following conclusions are drawn:1.Personalized learning is an idea,a collection of new methods and old methods,in order to achieve better learning results.All teaching methods and strategies that can arouse students' interest in learning belong to the category of personalized learning;2.Two-way and equal communication between teachers and students can promote the effective dissemination of information.The two-way and effective information dissemination between teachers and students is a catalyst for personalized learning,which can improve the implementation effect of personalized learning methods;3.Material satisfaction of students' learning and living environment is the premise basis for personalized learning.Second,I answered the question "what factors affect personalized learning of junior high school students and how do they work".Through the collation and analysis of the interview data,this paper puts forward the influencing factors of personalized learning of junior high school students,constructs the influencing factor interpretation structure model based on the relationship between the factors,and uses the structural equation model to conduct hypothesis testing.Specifically,it can include the following three aspects:Through semi-structured interviews,we obtain the relevant factors affecting personalized learning of junior high school students.Then,by the rooted theory we analyze these factors,including environmental factors,teacher factors and student characteristics factors.Among them,environmental factors include learning pressure,interpersonal relationship,learning atmosphere,learning tasks,learning materials,curriculum and learning equipment;teacher factors include teaching methods and content arrangement;student characteristics factors include 9 factors: learning quality,learning ability,learning methods,energy,learning efficiency,learning interests,learning motivation,learning willingness and learning effectiveness.2.According to the relationship between influencing factors,we construct the structural model of the personalized learning influencing factors.The model shows that the learning task is the bridge and link between teacher's teaching and student's learning;the student's own characteristics are the direct factors that affect personalized learning;the teacher's teaching indirectly affects the student's learning through the learning task and the student's learning characteristics.3.According to the influence factors explain the structural model,the model hypothesis is proposed,and the structural equation model is used to verify the hypothesis.The results prove that the proposed hypothesis is true.Third,I answered the question "How we can promote personalized learning of junior high school students and what their strategies are." According to the status quo investigation and influencing factors analysis,the feasible strategies and suggestions for promoting students' personalized learning are proposed,including establishment of learning archives as the support and focusing on the characteristics of learners;cultivation with learning motivation and the transformation of teacher-student relationship as an opportunity to drive teaching;designing learning with realistic problems and emphasizing learning process;enhancing the learning experience with a flexible and autonomous learning approach;taking learning assessment as a means to improve learning;using technology as a support to deepen learning personalization.The contributions of this research are mainly reflected in the following two aspects:1.Aiming at the problem of the factors affecting personalized learning of junior high school students,this study uses a combination of grounded theory,semi-structured interviews,explanatory structural models,questionnaires,structural equation models,etc.,to combine qualitative and quantitative methods.This is a method innovation.2.This study puts forward the related factors affecting personalized learning of junior high school students,including teacher support,learning environment and student learning characteristics.Personalized learning influence factor model is constructed according to the relationship between the influencing factors;and the structural equation model is applied to validate the model hypothesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Personalized Learning, Promotion Strategies, Grounded Theory, Interpretative Structural Model, Structural Equation Model
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