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Research On The Satisfaction Degree Of Hebei University Of Science And Technology Based On Structural Equation Model

Posted on:2020-04-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330602462988Subject:Industrial Engineering
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With the rapid development of education service industry,it has become the top priority of school education service to improve students' satisfaction with school education service,and then improved students' loyalty to school.Therefore,looking for the driving variables of student satisfaction,and exploring the driving variables and the relationship between the driving variables and student satisfaction are gradually becoming an important field of research on student satisfaction.In deep understanding of student satisfaction,to explore the correlation between satisfaction and influence factors is essential to the improvement of satisfaction research and teaching services.Through the study of literature reading,it is not difficult to find that many experts' and scholars' research on student satisfaction research has not formed an unified standard of student satisfaction factors,and the relevant theory is not too sufficient.The theory of the relationship between the influencing factors of student satisfaction is vague,the specific relationship between what is to be further confirmed,reference has certain problems.Therefore,in the study of student satisfaction,the theory of customer satisfaction is specifically introduced to support it,so that the demonstration is fuller.Through the theoretical research,a new student satisfaction model is obtained,which provides a new theory for the research of student satisfaction and a new direction for the improvement of school teaching.In order to study the relationship between student satisfaction and variables in the model,the study explores the direction of improving the quality of higher education.First of all,I read a large number of satisfaction literature,summarize the definition of satisfaction and influence factors,I find the link between them,and make a theoretical reference for later research on student satisfaction.Secondly,taking the students of our school as the research object,I select a part of the students to conduct interview suit survey,to find out the factors affecting student satisfaction.Thirdly,the factors of influence are integrated,and the original data are obtained by the questionnaire survey.Fourthly,through the data factor analysis,the public factor perceived value,perceived quality,perceived experience,with student reputation,student loyalty,establish a hypothesis model.Fifthly,the reliability and validity of the scale in the model were analyzed and modified.Finally,a new structural equation model is drawn from the structure,and the conclusion is drawn.In this thesis,a new scale of perceived experience is proposed and validated,and a structural equation model of student satisfaction is constructed to validate the relationship among six variables: perceived quality,perceived value,school reputation,perceived experience,student loyalty and student satisfaction.To conclude,the corresponding research conclusions and limitations are drawn,and suggestions are put forward for school problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Educational Services, Student Satisfaction, Questionnair, Factor Analysis, Structural Equation Model
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