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The etatist Turkish Republic and its political and socio-economic performance from 1980--1999: A developing state impacted by international organizations and interdependence

Posted on:2001-09-29Degree:Ph.DType:Dissertation
University:University of Missouri - Kansas CityCandidate:Nadolski, Dora JFull Text:PDF
This dissertation explores the impact of exogenous forces on the political and socio-economic institutions prior to, during, and after etatism (state controlled enterprises) in the parliamentary Republic of Turkey. After the third military coup of 1980, Turkey concentrated on political, economic, and social reforms recommended by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the World Bank, and the European Union. Implementation of these recommendations has assisted Turkeys entry into competitive world markets. This case study of Turkey links an interdependent state, through the mechanisms of international organizations, to those difficult-to-enter, highly specialized, and competitive markets. Interdependence, pluralism, and globalism provide theoretical perspectives and rationale for conducting case study research on a state impacted by international organizations.; Methodologically, OECD data, World Bank and EU criteria assist in analyzing the independent variable, nation state interdependence and the dependent variables, Turkey's political, economic and social institutions. The major conclusions are: that interdependence and pluralism explain Turkey's status in the global system of competitive states; that joining international organizations has improved Turkey's institutions, and that Turkey's political institutions comply with World Bank criteria for effective government by implementing OECD recommendations, for economic reform. These economic reforms continue with privatizing State Economic Enterprises (SEEs), curtailing inflation, increasing social security benefits, and standardizing industrial products.
Keywords/Search Tags:Economic, State, Political, International organizations, Interdependence, Institutions
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