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Study On The Path Of Social Mobilization In Local Governance From The View Of Consensus

Posted on:2022-09-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1486306536977179Subject:Public Management
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In the context of the modernization of national governance capacity and national governance system,social mobilization,as a policy tool and governance form of local governance,has been endowed with the vitality of the new era and plays a positive role in local government governance and the formulation and implementation of public policies.Especially under the consensus trend of public participation,the transformation from "social mobilization" to "social mobilization" has become the path direction of social mobilization in local governance.The dissertation focuses on the study of the path of social mobilization in local governance.By focusing on the logical relationship of consensus between local government and the public in social mobilization,this dissertation explores the path of social mobilization for local governance with consensus on the basis of identifying the path characteristics,realistic difficulties and action deconstruction of social mobilization in local governance.This dissertation takes the research on the path of social mobilization in local governance as the theme,takes consensus logic as the basic clue,pays attention to the performance of the two main mobilization action subjects of local government and social mobilization in the path of social mobilization,and investigates how to realize the optimization of the path of social mobilization in local governance from the perspective of integration on the basis of this study.The relationship between the local government and the public and the consensus state of social mobilization action are the fundamental follow of this dissertation.In order to respond and answer the research questions of this dissertation,the dissertation first analyzes the literature background and basic theory of social mobilization related research,and constructs the research framework of social mobilization path through the analysis of the development and evolution process of social mobilization theory.Then the heterogeneity of 33 cases by fs QCA,and it was found that the path of social mobilization in local governance has a development trend of consensus orientation.In particular,the path of social mobilization in local governance has two combined paths: the bottom-up self-mobilization of the public and the top-down "dialogue" mobilization of the local government.Both path combinations are reflects the significance of consensus orientation,namely in local governance in the path of social mobilization of local governments,public or two subject in social mobilization in the path of action for internal consensus or interaction in the pursuit of consensus.However,limited by the "myopia effect",the bottom-up self-mobilization path of the public is limited,and there are consensus differences in this path that need to be effectively solved.Further,how do the public and local governments act in the path of social mobilization? On the one hand,based on the practical dilemma analysis of the "negative response" of the public,the local government's response to the "negative response" of the public is manifested in the form of asymmetric "dialogue" relationship and the symbolic consensus form of fragmentary "response",which is further manifested in the "consensus weakness" between the local government and the public.On the other hand,through the simulation investigation and experimental study of 205 local government staff the dissertation found that the local government in the process of social mobilization path expression is "unrael the consensus" characteristics,it as a bureaucratic consensus under the bureaucratic inertia and the dominance of "preference" shaped its action logic,and the understanding of the process of social mobilization.Of course,this mode of action creates limitations on social mobilization in local governance.Based on the current form of social mobilization path in local governance,as well as the action analysis of the social public and local government action subjects,this dissertation puts forward a rational design for the optimization of social mobilization path in local governance.How to eliminate the dominant feature of local government preference and achieve an effective consensus-based "dialogue" relationship by breaking through existing limitations has become the key to path optimization."Dialogue" in the body of the symmetric space,different subject preference factor aggregation to accommodate to the largest extent the elements of consensus in social mobilization and deliberative democracy political life of the traditional "seeking common ground while putting aside differences" is proposed on the basis of preference factor aggregation path optimization idea,form the "factors of polymerization" type duplex mobilize the community in local governance path optimization.This path forms the social mobilization community of interest linkage and behavior coordination,and then forms the internal force and stable structure of consensus formation or consensus differences resolution in the path of social mobilization of local governance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social Mobilization, Local Governance, Consensus, Government Preference
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