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Study On Epoxidation Of Olefins By Catalysts And Novel Environment Benign Process For Preparation Of Cyclohexene Oxide

Posted on:2004-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J ShengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360092998136Subject:Pesticide Chemistry
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Epoxide reaction is one of the important reactions in organic synthesis. Because of their active oxido existence, organic expoxy compounds can react with many organic compounds getting lots of high additional evaluation substances.Based on evaluation of the literatures from all kinds of channels, the applications and the processes for preparation of expoxycyclohexane were reviewed while expoxycyclohexane was the delegate product in this dissertation. To avoid the traditional methods which are much complex and make the pollution of enviaronment, the novel environment benign process for preparation of expoxycyclohexane by catalyst was studied.Effects of different catalysts' systems on the yield of cyclohexene were deserved, using cyclohexanol as raw material through dehydration by catalysts. The optimum process parameters were determined about the dehydration of cyclohexanol. The chatacteristic of the process and the mechanism of dehydration catalyzed by heterpoly acids were studied.Hypochloride's application in the preparation of expoxycyclohexane was studied. The method by hypochloride is a traditional way for alkene oxidition. The application in producing alkene oxide was limited for its lower selectivity.Using cyclohexanol as material, heterpoly ion /PTC/H2O2 system was discussed in emphases. Heterpoly ion which has catalyzed activity was synthesized from heterpoly acids' decompose or by the combination H2WO4 with H3PO4. The phase transfer catalyst was selected by experiments. The mechanism of the reaction and that of phase transfer catalysis were studied. The process parameters were selected by optimum experiment.The characteristic and process of preparation of titanium-containing molecular sieve(zolite) were studied. The mechanism of reaction and the effectsof different reaction conductions on structure of molecular sieve were discussed. Titanium-containing molecular sieve Ti-MCM-41 was synthesized by hydrothermal method. Using H2O2 and TBHP as oxidation agent the characteristic of titanium-containing molecular sieve catalyst in the process for preparation of expoxy cyclohexane was reviewed by experiments.The novel process parameters were selected by optimium experimental. The industrial process was designed and the novel process for preparation of cyclohxene and expoxy cyclohexane starting from cyclohexanol by heterpoly acid catalyst and with the system of heterpoly ion/PTC/H2O2. was tested in the industrial-model process. It provides the theoretical basis and the feasible process parameters for the industrialization of expoxy cyclohexane compounds.
Keywords/Search Tags:epoxidation of olefins, cyclohexene oxide, cyclohexene, heterpoly ion catalyst, titanium-containing molecular sieve, phase transfer catalyst, synthesis, process parameter
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