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Research On The Technics Of MetalloPorphyrin Catalyzed Aerial Oxygenation Of Cyclohexane To Adipic Acid

Posted on:2005-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360125458581Subject:Applied Chemistry
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Adipic acid is extensively used in zhe man-made fiber industry along with hexamethylenediamine for manufacturing nylon 66,in addition to its innumerable applications as plasticizers, synthetic lubricants. More than 2.8 million tons adipic acid was produced per year. Adipic acid is manufactured from cyclohexane in two major reactions with low conversion and selectivity and the consequent production of large quantities of nitrous oxide. This nitrous oxide emission measurably contributes to global warming.This thesis reported a system with TPPMn(III)Cl, TPPFe(III)Cl, TPPCo(II)Cl and TPPCu(III)Cl as catalyst, without any solvents, aerial oxygenated cyclohexane to adipic acid in one-step. We change the temperature from 140 C to 160C, the pressure from 0.8 MPa to 1.6 MPa, velocity of air from 0.08 m3/h to 0.16 m3/h to disclose the influence these condition on the conversion of cyclohexane, selectivity of adipic acid, selectivity of target product and selectivity of adipic acid in acid. The research results showed that the conversion of cyclohexane was up to 21 %, general selectivity of cyclohexanol, cyclohexanone and adipic acid was 80%, the selectivity of adipic acid was 21% and the mole turnover numbers of the catalyst reached 100,000 under the optimum conditions of 1.2 MPa and 150癈 and 0.12 m3/h. According to the rise speed of cyclohexaol, cyclohexanone, succinic acid, glutaric acid, adipic acid and byproduct, we calculate the reacition speed constant k and activation energy E of each. The result showed that the lower temperature was better for the selectivity of cyclohexanone and adipic acid.In the supplemental chapter, cyclohexene was oxidatd into cyclohexenone with air in the absence of additives and solvents. The cobalt metalloporphyrin was found to be the very effective catalysts for the synthesis of cyclohexenone from cyclohexene. The research results showed that the temperature, air-velocity, catalyst concentration and pressure influenced the yield and conversion of cyclohexene oxidation with air. For cyclohexene oxidation catalyzed by simple cobalt tetraphenylporphyrin, the conversion of cyclohexene was up to 21%, the yield of cyclohexenone reached 75%, under the optimum conditions of 0.4MPa, 80 C and 2.3 10-5 mol/L cobalt tetraphenyl -porphyrin.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cyclohexane, Matelloporphyrins, aerial, One-step, Adipic acid, Cyclohexene, Cyclohexenone
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