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Preparation And Performance Analysis On The Catalysts Of One-step Oxidation Of Benzene To Phenol With Nitrous Oxide

Posted on:2007-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X G ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360185962596Subject:Chemical processes
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A series of catalysts for one-step oxidation of benzene to phenol with nitrous oxide were prepared by means of ion-exchanged methods and by this way the zeolites of different structures (β, MCM-22, ZSM-5) were modified with metal ions (Fe3+, Cu2+, K+, Pd2+, Ce3+, La3+). The samples of catalysts were pretreatment with high temperature calcination under N2 ambience. By single factor experiment method, the effect of process conditions, such as temperature, space velocity, molar ratio of benzene to N2O etc was experimentally investigated in an isothermal integral reactor. Based on the experimental results, the performance evaluation conditions of the catalysts were defined: atmospheric pressure, 400°C, a feed concentration of 50 mol% benzene, 5 mol% N2O, and 45 mol% helium, space velocity 4636h-1.The effects of the molar ratio of silicon to aluminium, Fe-ion content, metal ions, zeolite structure, high temperature calcination pretreatment on the catalyst performance were investigated based on the evaluation conditions mentioned above and the prepared catalysts powder. The results showed: (1) With the increase of the molar ratio of silicon to aluminium, the conversion of...
Keywords/Search Tags:zeolite, benzene, N2O, phenol, metal ions modification, high temperature calcination
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