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Research On Precision Injection Molding Of Optical Plastic Lens

Posted on:2007-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360212466381Subject:Materials science
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The unique performance advantage of optical plastic in modern optical imaging has been used more and more. To have good results in the improvement of the optical quality of aspheric lenses, optical glass aspheric lenses have high processing costs,low precision, long period of production and other flaws, not mass production, but using precision injection molding of plastic optical lens make a large scale production into reality. This kind of production is mainly used in the optical field, eg. Digital camera, DVD, cell phone's camera, optical communication and etc. It can bring out great economic benefit, and has broad market potential.Injection molding is one of the major processing methods of plastic.The traditional injection molding process can not be achieved to product the high precision products and the products can not be used to precision molding. But Precision molding technology as high precise control and superior stability has been a very good application in precision molding of plastic optical lenses.Precision injection molding of optical plastics processing is one of the main methods. It has the advantages of simple and celerity in the production process; accordingly, it is highly fit for the molding of optical plastic lens. However, injection molding is a much complicated processing, the quality of lens is affected by a lot of factors thus is difficult to control. In this paper, by the help of the CASO, the main of process parameters for optical plastic's precision injection molding has done by a detailed study. The contributions of this paper are:1. The basic principle of plastic molding technology has been analyzed, and a detailed description of the precision molding technology.2. The precise injection pressure to influence with lens shrinkage was analyzed by the P-V-T method, it has provided a basis for the reality pressure parameter establishment.3. In order to better discovers the main injection parameter of the lens overall quality influence, done experiment of the different injection speed, holding pressure, melt temperature and mold temperature to influence the lens weight, the radius...
Keywords/Search Tags:optical plastic lens, precision technology, injection molding, process parameter
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