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Research On Process Technology Of Micro-Electroforming

Posted on:2010-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Z NieFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360302959797Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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Micro-fabrication technology is the most basic and crucial step of the MEMS technology, from designing to production. It has become one of the hotspots in present MEMS research. As one of the most popular un-silicon micro-component manufacturing approach in so many micro-fabrication methods, micro-electroforming technology is inducing more and more attention.This research was supported by the National High Technology Research and Development Program. Based on micro-electroforming technology theory, analyzed the main influence factors of the process. Designed the micro-electroforming experimental system, carried out the optimization of process parameters, and used them to electrotyping forming some kinds of function micro-components. The main works was summarized as follows:1.Based on the electrodeposition theory, analyzed the motion of metal ions in the micro-electroforming process and definite the quantitative relation between cathode current density and electroforming velocity, current efficiency,then given the concept and calculation approach of electroforming velocity and current efficiency.2.In order to meet the request of the micro-electroforming process,-designed and developed a micro-electroforming experiment, then draw up an optimization scheme. Adopted direct current electroforming and pulse current electroforming, associaed with electroforming velocity, current efficiency and electroforming layer surface topography, obtained the optimized current parameters.3. Expansed exploration research on Su-8 photo-resist thick film lithography, and took the experiment on single-layer lithography and double-layer lithography separately. According to the experiment environment, some process parameters was adjusted and optimized. At last, several typical SU-8 photo-resist micro-structure were fabricated and they were used as electroforming mother type to carry out the electrotyping forming of their mould cavity.4. Manufactured AZ photo-resist model of microlens array by hot-melt method and used them as electroforming mother type to carry out the electrotyping forming of their mould cavity.Through this research, a further clarify of the micro-electroforming process parameters was made. Accompany with the whole process applying of the micro-electroforming, the apprehension of the electroforming procedure was become deeper, which can provide an experimental foundation on follow-up technology optimization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Micro-fabrication, Micro-electroforming, Electrodeposition, Process parameters, Photo-resist
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