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Research On Manufacturing Technology Of Micro Molds For Hot Embossing Of Micro Channels In Micro Electroforming

Posted on:2006-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D N ChuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2121360152975614Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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As the main development of μ-TAS (micro total analysis systems), micro fluidic chips have become the most promising ones in the research field of biochips. Hot embossing is an effective method for the fabrication of PMMA micro fluidic chips, which has some advantages: easiness of manufacture, low cost for batch fabrication etc. Micro molds play an im-portant role and largely affect the qualities of the micro fluidic chips in hot embossing process.As a new micro fabrication technology, micro electroforming is a combination of the conventional electroforming and the integrated circuit process. It becomes an essential part of LIGA and UV-LIGA process. Our research focused on the improvement of micro electroforming for the micro molds in precision.The development, application and current research situation were summarized. A reliable process of micro electroforming was described in the dissertation. The following is the main content:1. Research on the basis of micro electroforming's theory.2. Optimization of the micro molds' fabricating process. The designing principle and characteristics for the micro molds were summarized. The suitable electrolyte components for micro electroforming were given. Pulse current's parameters were optimized through the orthogonal test method. Nickel micro molds were fabricated and met the design requirements.3. Some difficult problems appeared in micro electroforming were discussed, including the fabricating process of SU-8 and the relationship between the parameters of micro electroforming and the quality of the deposition. The results were validated through the experiments.4. Improvement of the uniform of the deposition. Base on the theory and experiments, auxiliary anodes, agitation and vibration were adopted. The uniformity of metal distribution was improved obviously.
Keywords/Search Tags:PMMA micro fluidic chips, micro molds, micro electroforming, UV-LIGA
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