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Based On Multi-Agent Evolutionary Algorithm Multi-Objective Distribution System Restoration

Posted on:2012-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J C LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132330338990759Subject:Power system and its automation
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Based on the rapid development of Distribution Automation System, a wide range of data preparation and technical support has been provided for the distribution network recovery, at the same time, the higher requirements about its rapidity, safety, reliability is needed. The emergence of centralized intelligence model attracted the extensive research of scholars, the paper search a large number of literature, compare the advantages and disadvantages of various algorithms, the paper does the researches in distribution system restoration by using the multi-agent evolutionary algorithm. The main contents include:First of all, for the structural characteristics of distribution network, it is simplified into a mathematical model of graphic; using the Bread First Search method to analysis the topology; Based on the comparison with different power flow calculation methods, the back/forward sweep algorithm is offered which is improved by Bread First Search, finally, a detailed process is given.Then, considering the peculiarity of service restoration and the present research status, a multi-objective distribution system restoration strategy calculation method based on multi-agent evolutionary algorithm is proposed; The equilibrium degree of distribution system index is defined, which can reflect the general situation of distribution network power flow in the global; A multi-objective distribution system restoration model is established; A multi-agent system is established contains agents of objective function and coordination. Based on the software of Matlab7.1, an example of a typical distribution network verifies the validity and effectiveness of the proposed method.At last, a new multi-agent method had been proposed for power supply restoration of distribution network, which considering the DG operating characteristics and load control features in multi-agent theory. In order to make the strategy of power supply restoration, a Multi-Agent System (MAS) had been established which contains important load agent, global load agent, distributed generation agents and micro grid agent.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distributed network service restoration, Topology analysis, Power flow, Multi-Agent System, EDAs, Micro grid, Load control
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