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The Research Of Service Restoration For Distribution System Based On Ant Colony Optimization

Posted on:2010-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360302459337Subject:Power system and its automation
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Distribution automation is the necessary means and shortcut to improve reliability, security and quality of distribution network power supply. It also can increase work efficiency and decrease cost. Based on the development of distribution automation, two modes of the service restoration are discussed in this paper. Besides, the paper gives out the advantages and the disadvantages of the used methods at home and abroad for service restoration. In view of this, the paper does the researches in distribution system restoration by using the ant colony optimization. The main contents include:First of all, the paper discusses two aspects of the distribution service restoration, including topology analysis and power flow calculation, which needs repeated for many times. According to the characteristic of distribution network, it is represented as a graphic by using the graph theory, then, using the Bread First Search method to analysis the topology; Based on the comparison with different power flow calculation methods, the back/forward sweep algorithm is offered, as well as its detail process.Then, considering the peculiarity of service restoration and the present research status, an improved ant colony optimization algorithm for service restoration in power distribution systems is proposed. Firstly, the object function of the service restoration is settled; Secondly, the behaviors of the ants are controlled in the feasible set by the spanning tree algorithm; then, two aspects of the Basic ant system are improved in the paper, including the route strategy and the rule of updating pheromones. Lastly, the simulation results on IEEE examples show the correction of the proposed algorithm.At last, further researches of the service restoration in distribution system with asynchronous wind power generators are carry through. According to the stochastic, intermittent characteristics of the wind power, this paper establishes a model of the wind farm which makes wind speed as the input; besides, it uses multi-scenario technique to simulate the uncertain output of wind power generators; then, a comprehensive objective function was proposed by means of self-adaptive weight sum method, finally, the ant colony optimization method is used to solve the service restoration problem.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distributed network service restoration, Topology analysis, Power flow, Ant colony optimization, Spanning tree algorithm, Asynchronous wind power generators, Multi-scenario technique, Self-adaptive weight sum method
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