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Application Research Of Distribution Automation Based On Non-Communication Protection Technology

Posted on:2007-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360185474285Subject:Electrical engineering
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Power distribution system is the most important part of the power system, which orients a lot of users directly, and it is a tie of power supply companies and users. Power company statistics show that about 80% power cut is caused by breakdown of power distribution system. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the reliability of power distribution operation, reduce the time of power cut and realize the power distribution automatization.The distribution network automated system (DAS) is a management information system, including computer software and hardware technology, the computer network technology, the automatic control technology, the data communication technology and electrical power system technology, and it is utilized to acquire the data from power distribution network, monitor operation, position breakdown fast, isolate the failure, restore the power supply and administrate need, what's more, it reduces the time of power cut effectively, improve the reliability and quality of power supply. The feeder automation technology which based on the feeder terminal unit (FTU) is a key technology and the core content of distribution network automatization, and it realizes all the distribution network real-time monitoring by FTU, communication network and coordinated operation of power distribution automatization master station system. When the breakdown occurs, it can rapidly carry on the breakdown localization, and realize the failure isolation and the load shift with the master station system participation, thus it completes the network reconstruction.In this paper, the design principle and the realization method of domestic and foreign feeder automation core equipment FTU in the recent years are discussed in detail, and their advantages and disadvantages are analyzed thoroughly. A brand-new FTU installment plan based on no-channel-failure detection technology is proposed, referring to the development experience of the domestic and foreign FTU installment. The main characteristic of the plan is to use no-channel-failure detection technology. There is no need to extend the communication channel between the feeder distribution FTU installments. FTU can complete the detection and position of the breakdown independently. So it greatly reduces the cost of DAS construction investment and the communication channel maintenance. At the same time, it also reduces the dependency of communication channel level, enhances the reliability of the feeder automatization...
Keywords/Search Tags:Feeder automation, feeder terminal unit, MATLAB
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