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Study And Application On Distribution Networks Feeder Fault Section Location

Posted on:2007-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S B ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360215470241Subject:Control Engineering
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As a result of the development of power systems, the fault section location is the key technology of the distribution automation system.The problems exiting in current fault location algorithm for distribution networks are analyzed in the paper. Base on the communication system, to increase the reliability and the economy, we simplify the distribution networks to zone matrix model, and we put forward a fault section location fast algorithm base on this model, which first makes use of some node fault information to ensure the zone of the fault, and with the information of switch protection, fault indicator and the other nodes information to locate the fault section exactly. This algorithm has simplified the computation greatly and improved the real-time character of fault section location algorithm, and at the same time we decrease the number of FTU. The algorithm is proved correct by example calculation, which ensures the engineering practicality of fault section location algorithm.In case of the distribution networks without any communication system, a new method for fault location in distribution network is presented by using the fault complain calls, and a feasible criterion is put forward by which the fault occurred in distribution network can be located. In this method the trivial calculation is not necessary. So not only the time for fault location and isolation can be greatly shortened, but also the objectivity of the rules can be ensured. While the information of complain calls is imperfect and the communication of distribution automation system is lost, because of the good fault tolerant performance of the proposed method, the fault location can still be finished quickly and accurately. The simulation and calculation of the fault occurred in a distribution network consisting of single source and multi-outgoing lines is carried out. The result shows that the method is simple and effective.
Keywords/Search Tags:distribution automation, fault section location, fault isolating, zone model, fault judgement matrix
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