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A Dissertation Submitted To Matrix Algorithm Of Fault Location In Distribution Automation System

Posted on:2013-10-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2252330401960303Subject:Electrical engineering
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Distribution management System of electricity is a process in which the electric energywas transmitted, switched, distributed, and offered finally to the residents. With theconsistent improvement of people’s material and cultural well-beings, they offer a higherrequirement for the electricity quality as well as the reliability of power supply. They evencouldn’t stand the suddenly cut-off of power supply. Recent years have seen that somescholars try to locate the fault in the power distribution network by taking advantages ofgenetic algorithm, Petri network theory, and search of overheating arc. Among them, matrixalgorithms stand out and have been widely used for its concise and ocular, little calculatedamount and so on.With the large number of such on-site supervision equipment as FTU widely applied inthe power distribution system, the feeder automation in the power distribution system whichis based on the FTU feeder switch remote type terminal has become the developmentaltrends in the audio-technology. We can locate the fault promptly and exactly based on theinformation presented by the FTU and take effective measures to segregate the fault sectionso that to recovery the power supply for the whole region. When something wrong with theinternet, the short-circuit current will be detected by the FTU feeder terminal. And then itwill send the information of fault to SCADA system. This SCADA system will modify theNetwork description matrix to gain the Fault information matrix according to the transmittedinformation. Next, it may locate the fault by using of the failure criterion. After that,SACDA will send the order of tripping to fault section of FTU. In judging the fault sectionin the radiating form, tree form, ring form of powder distribution network, we can make ajudgment only according to if there ever flows the fault currency in each switch along thefeeder or not. It is not necessary to set on each switch which installed in every FTU by usingdifferent values. Therefore, the set for the FTU is rather easy.The main contents include: Introduction of the concept and significance of theautomation of the distribution network, including system configuration and developmentstatus of the distribution network; The remote terminal FTU, specific project examples andtopology of the distribution network; Introduction of the fault locating mathematical modeland several algorithms of the distribution system, meanwhile, putting forward an improvedmatrix algorithm, by this new criterion, the bug of multiple power supplies and the end ofthe line can be judged; Finally, a completion of the hardware design for wireless sensornetwork communication based on ZigBee Pro protocol stack.
Keywords/Search Tags:Power Distribution Network, FTU, Fault Location, Matrix Algorithms, ZigBee
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