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Research On Comprehensive Evaluation Methods Of Engineering Cranes

Posted on:2008-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360242967597Subject:Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
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With the perfect of engineering crane's spectrum and manifold of the product, the performance of every engineering crane is becoming more and more important not only for the company but also for the consumer. The performance of the engineering crane needs to consider every aspect of engineering crane, not only including lifting performance, travel performance and etc, but also including economy, serving and etc. Consequently, it is necessary to evaluate the engineering crane comprehensively.This paper fucuses on research about the methods of comprehensive evaluation for engineering crane according to studying the traits of the engineering crane, fuzzy math, grey theory, analytic hierarchy method and etc. The primary research contents and results are presented as follows:(1) Factors system of comprehensive evaluation for engineering crane is put forward. Hierarchy frame chart of factors system of that is built according to analytic hierarchy method. The factors are analyzed including factors specification method, factors standardization method and factors unitized method. For the qualitative factors and quantitative factors exist together in the system, and fuzzy evaluation standard collections of factors are presented to solve the problem on factors measure method. It presents a very good basis and way on comprehensive evaluation of engineering crane to set up the factors system and present the factors measure method.(2) The weights of the indexes in the coprehensive evaluation of engineering crane with the combination weighting are determined. The combination weighting based on fuzzy number judgement matrix is put forward based on the primary theory. It presents a more reasonable method on comprehensive evaluation of engineering crane to determining the weights of the indexes.(3) The fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of engineering crane is built. Multi-information analysis methods are combined together. According to demands of comprehensive evaluation of engineering crane, a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of engineering crane is applied. The result indicates this method's veracity, flexibility and practicability, which presents a new effective way for comprehensive evaluation of engineering crane.
Keywords/Search Tags:Engineering Crane, Factors System, Fuzzy Number Judgement Matrix, Combination Weighting, Comprehensive Evaluation
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