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Study And Application Of Single Phase One Cycle Control Boost Structure Active Power Factor Correction Circuit

Posted on:2009-06-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W D ChuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360242995459Subject:Electronics and Communications Engineering
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With the wide application of power electronics equipments, a great deal of power harmonic is produced, which hinders the development of power electronics and every country in the world pays attention to it. Active power factor correction (APFC) is an effective way to correct harmonic in the line. Control technique is one of the key factors in active power factor correction circuit. One cycle control is a large signal nonlinear pulse width modification-- PWM technology, and because there is much advantage of one cycle control theory, such as simple circuit structure, high control precision and fast dynamic response. It is very suitable for active power factor correction circuit.In the thesis, one cycle control single phase Boost APFC circuit is the topic. The operation principle of one cycle control single phase Boost APFC is analyzed in details, and together with the existent single phase Boost APFC IC, the detailed design process, circuit simulation and testing results of the sample are listed. The main contents are as following:First, the basic working principle of one cycle control is introduced based on the Buck circuit. The equation of one cycle control in single phase Boost APFC is deduced, and the circuit for the control is presented. Compared with the traditional APFC control techniques, there isn't multiplier and the input voltage checking circuit, so one cycle control circuit is much simpler.Second, the working principle for one cycle control single phase Boost APFC IC IR1150 of IR Company to realize power factor correction is introduced. The process of parameters design of 300W APFC converter and gain equation of whole loop is listed. The stability of system loop is verified from the curve of gain vs frequency and phase vs frequency, it also keeps the certain circuit response speed.Third, the circuit is simulated and the sample is tested. The Boost APFC with one cycle control technique which can achieve high power factor and low harmonic is verified from simulation waveforms and testing results. The circuit is simple also with this control method. The APFC circuit with one cycle control technique can correct the line harmonic effectively is proved from these results. It is the base to extend the one cycle control to use in APFC circuit.At last, the noise issue met in sample making is analyzed further. In order to avoid the noise coupling, the ground trace of IC is very important. It is told in details to keep the IC to be designed in the projects of APFC converter successfully. It is also a good reference for engineers.
Keywords/Search Tags:One cycle control, Power factor, Active power factor correction(APFC), Harmonic, Boost circuit, Buck Circuit
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