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Effects Of Photosensitive Pigment B Expression Level On Agronomic Traits And Secondary Metabolites Of Flue - Cured Tobacco

Posted on:2016-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L LuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2133330479455593Subject:Crop Cultivation and Farming System
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Light as an important ecological factor on yield and quality of flue-cured tobacco has a crucial role, However, the yield and quality of the light receptor-mediated light flue-cured tobacco agronomic traits, traits related to secondary metabolism and mechanism of the impact is unclear, Physiology and metabolism of flue-cured tobacco is less light control, pending further study. By studying tobacco photoreceptors Ntphy B gene overexpression and RNAi lines of agronomic traits, physiological and biochemical indicators of secondary metabolites content and gene expression levels,Depth study of the impact on tobacco quality Ntphy B related indicators mechanism.The main conclusions are as follows:1. The influence of Ntphy B gene expression level on their agronomic characters and the photosynthetic characteristics of flue-cured tobaccothe over-expression levels of Ntphy B gene for flue-cured tobacco has inhibitory effect on plant height, pitch; Lateral growth of stem circumference and the stem leaf Angle role; The strain of over-expression increased net photosynthetic rate, stomatal conductance and transpiration rate and water use efficiency, the strain of RNAi reduced accordingly.2. The influence of the expression levels of Ntphy B gene for flue-cured tobacco coated enzyme activity and the chlorophyll.The strain of Over-expression improve the leaf total activity of SOD 、CAT and POD, and increased the chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b and total chlorophyll content;The strain of RNAi improve the leaf total activity of MDA, reduces the carotenoid content.3. The influene of Ntphy B gene expression levels for secondary metabolites of flue-cured tobaccoAmong secondary metabolites, the contents of alkaloids, total polyphenols,chlorogenic acid and rutin were consistent with the Ntphy B expression level. The polyphenol content in the morning is greater than the content in the afternoon in the long-term; The polyphenol content in the afternoon is greater than the content in themorning in the budding period. On the morning of he alkaloid content is greater than the content in the afternoon in the Two times.4. The impact of Ntphy B gene expression level and multi-topping factors on key enzymes of flue-cured tobaccoThe phenylalanine ammonia solution enzyme pal4 levels consistent with Ntphy B gene expression level before multi-topping; The eight hydrogen lycopene synthetase psy1 showed RNAi > over-expression > CK, After topping improve the phytoene synthase and leukotriene CYPRESS alkyl diol synthase gene expression lines in the content Ntphy B super.To sum up, Ntphy B gene over-expression strain can transform plant type, make the tobacco plant become thick and short. With the increase of the level of Ntphy B gene expression,photosynthetic characteristics enhanced, and more advantageous to the plants for photosynthesis. Over-expression strain has promoting effect on improving the content of flue-cured tobacco enzyme activity. By changing Ntphy B gene expression level of chlorophyll content of metabolites, polyphenols and alkaloids, such as impact, thus affecting the quality of tobacco.
Keywords/Search Tags:NtphyB gene, flue-cured tobacco, the agronomic traits, the secondary metabolites
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