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Study On The Establishment Of The Analytical Method And The Distribution Characteristics Of Two Quinolones In Flue-cured Tobacco Seedlings

Posted on:2018-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2323330533964797Subject:Agricultural Extension
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In order to study the accumulation and distribution characteristics of quinolone antibiotics(QNs)in flue-cured tobacco seedlings,an analytical method was developed for the determination of two quinolones in Flue-cured Tobacco Seedlings by high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC).Taking the Flue-cured Tobacco Variety-Yunyan 97 as material,through the experimental study on the conventional flue-cured tobacco floating seedling of the influence of ciprofloxacin(CIP)and norfloxacin(NOR)effect on growth of tobacco seedlings and quinolones accumulated in the content of flue-cured tobacco seedlings and cumulative distribution under the different concentration.There are main conclusions of the experient:(1)A method for the determination of 2 quinolones in Flue-cured Tobacco Seedlings by HPLC was established.Two kinds of quinolones(ciprofloxacin,norfloxacin)and the recovery rate of flue-cured tobacco seedlings was 97.6%-102.1%,the detection limit of 0.013-0.015mg/L,quantitative limit is 0.05mg/L can meet the requirements of the analysis of quinolone antibiotic in vegetable samples.(2)The quinolones(ciprofloxacin,norfloxacin)of two different concentrations were analyzed for the effect on tobacco seedling growth,there was obvious inhibitory effect on the growth of high concentration of quinolones on tobacco seedlings,with the increase of quinolone antibiotic concentration,the inhibitory effect is more and more significant.(3)The accumulation of two quinolone antibiotics(ciprofloxacin and norfloxacin)in flue-cured tobacco seedlings was analyzed,the results showed that the accumulation of two kinds of quinolones was more and more with the increase of treatment concentration and treatment days;The enrichment coefficient showed a decreasing trend,indicating that the accumulation of quinolone antibiotics was limited.(4)The two quinolones were analyzed for the effects on the fresh weight of roots,stems and leaves of flue-cured tobacco seedlings,the results showed that quinolone antibiotics had a great effect on the fresh weight of flue-cured tobacco leaves;(5)The cumulative distribution of two quinolones antibiotics in flue-cured tobacco seedlings was analyzed,the results showed: leaf> root> stem.
Keywords/Search Tags:Quinolone antibiotics, Analysis method, Flue-cured tobacco seedling, Agronomic traits, Cumulative distribution
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