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Studies On The Sex Pheromone For Atrijuglans Hetaohei Yang

Posted on:2006-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y HaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2133360155457239Subject:Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
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We studied the sex pheromon for Atrijuglans hetaohei Yang that is a destructive insect pest of hetao, whose larvae inflict serious damage by tunneling into tree fruits. The location and structures of the pheromone-producing gland of female Atrijuglans hetaohei Yang and the types of the antennae of male moth were studied by scanning electron microscopic. The circadian rhythms of sexual behavior and the sex pheromone production in A. hetaohei were investigated in both laboratory and the field. The active component and chemicals structures of sex pheromones was identified by means of GC and the contrast between the synthesize analog of sex pheromones and sex pheromones produce by the pheromone-producing gland. We synthesized the analog of sex pheromones, to know if it had attraction in field trapping tests.The experimental results indicated that , the pheromone-producing gland is an eversible fold situated ventrally in the modified intersegmental membrane between the eighth and ninth abdominal segments, antennal sensilla contain sensillum trichodeum and sensillum chaeticum; Most of the moths become sexually mature after one day of emergence. Their nuptial flight and mating took place from 18:00 to 20:00; The analogue of (Z)-8-tetradecenyI acetate (Z-8-13:Ac), (Z)-8-tetradecen-l-ol (Z-8-13:OH), (Z)-9-tetradecen-l-ol (Z-9-16:OH), (Z)-9-tetradecenyl acetate (Z-9-16:Ac) in the female sex pheromone gland extracts of A. hetaohei. The sex pheromone analogue of A. hetaohei can be synthesized by Wittiw reaction,it showed attraction in field trapping tests.
Keywords/Search Tags:Atrijuglans hetaohei Yang, Sex pheromone, Circadian rhythm, Pheromone-gland, chemical structure, Field tests.
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