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Studies On Synthesis And Application Of Codling Moth's Sex Pheromone

Posted on:2006-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Many insects can release trace compounds with special smell when their sex glands grow maturity,in order to attract opposite sex adult to copulate.These compounds with peculiar funtion are called insect pheromones .Synthesized insect pheromones or similar compounds were sex attractant when they were used to control the pests. Codling moth (Laspeyresia pomonella(L.))is one of the most serious fruit bitting insects ,Many countries registered it as an plant quarantine pest .Now this kind of pest was disseminated from their original area to almost all apple producing areas except the Antarctica.Based on the codling moth's occuring regularity, in order to control the pest , the present article mainly investigates the researched the method to synthesize the codling moth's sex pheromone (E,E-8,10-dodecadien-1-ol), it's activities to the male codling moth in the fields,and set up the applied techenics.. The major results outlined as follows: A successful synthesis route was set up in 3 steps as the foolowing : 1. For the above scheme , a. The reaction condition between 1,8-octandiol and HBr was investigated .The yield ratio of the sigular Brominition was up to 88%,with the purity about 98% higher detected by GC. b. The target molecular (TM)was synthesized with the raw material of 8-Bromoctan-1-ol\ triphenylphosphonium and (E)-2-buten-1-ol via the Scholer Wittig reaction . The yield ratio was about 35%,and the Tm was identified by MS,NMR,and IR methods.The result showed that the compound was the sex pheromone of codling moth 8,10-dodecadien-1-ol.The GC-MS analysis the product indicated containing 98% higher purity as the 8E,10E-isomer. 2. The rubber dispenser stopper traps containing the synthesized compounds was used to investigate the attractive activity in the field trails. The result showed that the compound effective as an attractant for the codling moth .Dispenser rubber stopper dose with 0.5mg of E,E-8,10-dodecadien-1-ol most efficaly. 3. The applied technics of the synthesized had the attractant in fieldtraps have also been investigated.The cup traps is superior to pot traps with less time&work.The;traps placed in the outside of the fruit tree crown were superior to that in the milddle. The above results suggested that the synthesis route of the Codling moth's sex was successful,and the basic technics were determind.All these provided clue to the fiel dtest in a larger scale.
Keywords/Search Tags:codling moth, sex pheromone, stereo-selective synthesis, applying technics
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