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The Design And Realization Of Timber Information Management System Base On RFID

Posted on:2009-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2143360275466858Subject:Forest Engineering
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The lumber warehousing management is the central content of lumber yard management, with the rapid development of logistics technology, demonstrated the lumber warehousing management level is quite backward. The lumber need mark larger amount of information, these information need the manual input, the work load are big, the cycle is long, easy to make a mistake, in the information flow possibly has the error. Moreover when inventories the efficiency is low, lose time. To address the above issues, it made use of RFID technology and a comparative analysis of the experimental method, proposed based on radio frequency identification system to the timber storage management concept in order to improve the management level of log yards, which can increase the economic efficiency of enterprises and conservation of forest resources.RFID is Radio frequency identification technology for short. The paper develops a timber information management system based on the RadioFrequency Identification according to the market investigation and study. The advantage of RFID is that it can read data without physical contact, and it solves the problem of the last-ten-metre auto data entry. As a technology, RFID solves the problems of low speed, high rate of error code, hard and repetitive works that exist in manual data entry, and it also provides an efficient means for computerizing in quick and accurate data entry. The focus of theresearch is to realize the automation of en-warehouse and ex-warehouse.The paperexplains the basic theory of the automation storage management based on the Tag.The structure and the function of the system have been designed to realize the auto-control and management.The system has enhanced storage management's automation and efficiency, and it also has reduced human working intension and the error rate of the storage management.In this paper, it conducts a fairly comprehensive summary of the relevant principles of RFID technology, according to experimental comparative analysis, chooses RFID tags which is applicable in the management of timber storage. The author combines timber storage management theory with Visual Basic and Access database management system tools and technology, it analyses and designs the system processes and database to the timber warehouse management information systems based on RFID technology system, it makes actual development work of some modules using Microsoft VB language on timber warehouse management, hoping some reference value with a view to the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:RFID technology, timber warehouse management, analysis and design, log yard, development
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