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A Study Of Traditional Wood Carving Language

Posted on:2012-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155330332992120Subject:Fine Arts
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Ming dynasty was the most flourishing time in the development of Chinese classical printmaking. This period was full of talents of all kinds, and was regarded as the golden age in the history of the ancient printmaking. What's more, it was called by Mr.Zheng Zhenduo as the most remarkable age in the history of Chinese printmaking. Printmaking has significant achievement both in quantity and quality, especially the wood block print has made much progress, with high art value and aesthetic value. This paper mainly analyses wood block print art of Ming dynasty from the aspect of theme, content, style and so on. And it also discusses the characteristics of the most flourishing Ming dynasty's wood block print art and its influence on contemporary painting from the aspect of history, culture, manufacture technology and school of style. From the view of its historical development, manifestation and significance, this thesis makes a periodical research and comprehensive study of the development process and artistic characteristics of the Ming dynasty's wood block print; it also makes a research on the innovation of the concept and technique of Ming dynasty's wood block print to explore its significance in the contemporary age.This study mainly focuses on the significance of the innovation in Ming dynasty's wood block print in the contemporary age. From the longitudinal view, it presents the development of the Ming dynasty's wood block print systematically; from the horizontal view, by the comparison between traditional characteristics and modern characteristics, it comprehensively analyses the integration of Ming dynasty's wood block print and modern painting. From the perspective of Chinese traditional art theory, this thesis discusses the formal elements, expression method, the corresponding humanistic thoughts and emotions of Ming dynasty's wood block print as well. Therefore we can draw experience and take the essence of former experts in our artistic creation and appreciation in reality, and keep necessary contact with artistic traditions, for the reason that Ming dynasty's wood block print not only accumulates rich creative experience for us, but also embodies the essence of Chinese art, which makes it brightening in the river of ancient art, and makes indelible contribution to the transmission of human civilization, too. In a word, the manifestation of Ming dynasty's printmaking is the highlight of the study of the Chinese traditional printmaking. It leaves a profound influence on Chinese contemporary painting, comprehensively embodies the connotation of Chinese art, and values much on the creation.The thesis is divided into three chapters:the first chapter describes the causes, importance and methods of writing this thesis, and the background information of Ming Dynasty's traditional printmaking; the second chapter is an respective research of the period before and after Ming dynasty to show the main features of Ming dynasty's printmaking art and also studies the value of its innovation; the third chapter is the key point of this thesis, for it reconfirms the value of the mixture of Ming dynasty's printmaking and the modern art through the analysis of the "structure", "line", "imprint" and its innovative spirit in Ming Dynasty's printmaking. Based on the discussion of these chapters, we can conclude the importance to do a thorough study of the historical inheritance of Ming Dynasty's printmaking language in the development of the contemporary painting.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ming Dynasty's printmaking, main features, contemporary paintings, value research
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