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The Research On The History Of Accepting About Ni Zan's Paintings In The Ming Dynasty

Posted on:2018-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the Yuan Dynasty famous painter,Ni Zan has far-reaching impact on the Ming Dynasty and after the development of painting.The Ming Dynasty is an important period of the change of the status of Ni Zan's paintings history.Its status and influence are rising trend: not only one of the four masters in the Ming Dynasty,but also was touched a very high status as the representative of "literati painting" and “YiPin”style.The general acceptance and study of Ni Zan's paintings by the Ming Dynasty painters did not only affect the use of painting techniques,but also influenced the aesthetic tendencies of Ming Dynasty painters' thinking and painting tasting.Under the influence of the Ming Dynasty,the development of literati painting in the Ming Dynasty became more mature;the painter painted more emphasis on the refinement of the writing language and expresses the aesthetic taste,and has a deeper understanding and interpretation on the“YiPin”style.From the practical significance,the analysis and discussion on Ni Zan's acceptance and influence of his paintings in Ming Dynasty not only have a more clear understanding to the development of painting in Ming Dynasty,but also can have important enlightenment to acceptance and development of the art painting.Predecessors' research about Ni Zan mostly focused on his painting and aesthetic thoughts.Research based on his artistic influence is relatively rare,even more lacking of his painting's influence from the perspective of the law of art development and his paintings reception.This paper includes four parts.Ni Zan's paintings and his artistic style are defined in the first part,among them Ni Zan's painting style,ink characteristics and aesthetic thoughts are mainly discussed;The second part mainly discusses the reason and background of painters in Ming Dynasty accepting Ni Zan's paintings.The paper explores and analyzes the reasons why his paintings are accepted and widely spread in Ming Dynasty from different periods of political,economic,culture in Ming Dynasty and artistic trend in Ming dynasty painting field;The third part explores how painter in Ming Dynasty accept Ni Zan and the influence of his painting on painting field in Ming Dynasty through an analysis of painting subject matter,theme,drawing techniques(skills,techniques),styles,aesthetic spirit pursuit,etc.The fourth part is an analysis of innovations and analysis painters in Ming Dynasty did for Ni Zan's paintings;Finally is the summary and thinking of reception of Ni Zan's paintings in Ming dynasty,concluding and summarizing the general acceptance of Ni Zan's paintings in Ming dynasty and enlightenment to us today.The innovation point of this article is to cut from art sociology and art culture,etc.Taking the inheritance of painting aesthetics painters in Ming Dynasty towards Ni Zan and his influencing transition in literature for art history for reference,and analyzing as well as discussing the reception and reasons of his paintings in Ming Dynasty through analyzing style,characteristics and the inheritance and promotion of Ni Zan's paintings.Discussing and thinking Ni Zan's paintings and the specific problem of the reception in Ming dynasty.
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