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On The Role Of Mental Translation On Reading In English

Posted on:2003-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B Y ZouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360092975772Subject:English Language and Literature
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The question on how efficient to learn second languages (L2) draws interests from L2 learners and L2 specialists. Studies on language transfer,the role of first languages (LI) on L2 learning,deep the understanding in this field (Ellis 1999). Language transfer is classified into two categories:negative transfer and positive transfer. To L2 learning,the role of the LI is thought to be helpful as well as hurtful.Many approaches and methods in L2 teaching are built on the basis of the different roles of the LI. The advocates of the Grammar Translation Method (GT),the longest and widest used,believe that the LI can help L2 learning efficiently (Richards and Rodgers 2000). However,new approaches and methods in L2 teaching such as the Direct Method,the Natural Approach,and Total Physical Response challenge the traditional GT on the ground that the LI affords nothing but hurt to L2 learning (Richards and Rodgers 2000). None of them are free of the premise that the L2 plays an overwhelming role to the neglect of the LI. L2 learners should do exercises through the L2 as much as possible.The criticism on whether the GT is an efficient method to L2 learning leads to academic interests on the role of mental translation especially on L2 reading and writing tasks. Mental translationspecialists have designed and implemented experiments to examine its role. The experiments on English,French,and Spanish as L2s on writing and reading tasks show that mental translation is not as defective as expected usually to enhance writing and reading in the L2.The thesis attempts to observe the role of mental translation on native Chinese speakers who are currently learning English as a L2. Since it cannot cover all aspects in this thesis this research is specialized on metal translation into Chinese on reading in English. Different from the previous experiments (introduced later in Chapter 2),the research seeks new experiment design,experiment plan,and experiment procedure in a scientific way. The experiments emphasize on two sections as selection of English reading materials and English reading comprehension tests.This thesis includes an introduction to publication evaluation,experiment planning,experiment implementation,experiment analysis,and experiment conclusion. This thesis consists of four chapters. Chapter One introduces studies on the role of the LI on L2 learning. Chapter Two displays the previous experiments on the basis of this view. Chapter Three presents the new experiments. Finally,Chapter Four concludes the whole research.
Keywords/Search Tags:first language, second language, language transfer, second language learning, reading in the target language, mental translation
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