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The Theory Of Ethic Of Economic Development

Posted on:2004-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360122470253Subject:Marxist philosophy
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The relation between economic development and morals is a big problem of perplexing current Chinese theoretical circle. Needn't avoid speaking, now it is still at the stage of "calling" to structure the economic moral system in conformity with the development of socialist market economy. When the accomplished mode system loses its analytic and admonitory forces, the situation of current theory become the motive force that we think and structure new ethical theories further.In the theoretical frame that this paper attempts to structure, the ethic of economic development so-called refers to the due moral commands in the activity of economic development. It is not a kind of ethical preach forced from outside on the subject of economic development, but the moral commands that can be established and have a foothold in the specific field of "economic development". Particularly, the ethic of economic development is composed of one moral principle and four basic moral norms. The moral principle is "profit group" and four basic moral norms are "benefit combined with speed", "efficiency balanced with equity", "partial assisting overall situation", "present including long-term consideration". The principle of "profit group", fixed inherently by the special economic relations of the activity of economic development, is the concrete manifestation of socialist collectivism in the economic development field. And four basic moral norms of economic development is the logical expansion of "profit group", or the concrete manifestation of "profit group" in the activity of realistic economic development.
Keywords/Search Tags:economic development, the ethic of economic development, profit group, moral norms
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