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A Contrastive Study Of Chinese And English Culturally Loaded Words

Posted on:2006-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D D ChenFull Text:PDF
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What are the culturally loaded words? What effects do the culturallyloaded words have on the intercultural communication? These issues havebeen much discussed in the study of the intercultural communication. On thebasis of its precedents, this dissertation attempts to probe into the meaning ofculture by discussing the conceptual meaning of the culturally loaded wordsand the effects of these words on the intercultural communication. At thesame time, the author tries to contrast the culturally loaded words in Chineseand English by analyzing the conceptual meaning and the associative meaningof these words with the contrastive linguistics approach. It somewhat helpsEnglish learners to have more knowledge about the cultural differencesbetween the Chinese and English nations. Furthermore, the culturally loadedwords can increase language learners'sensitivities to cultural differences, aswell as similarities, and finally, improve their efficiency in interculturalcommunication.
Keywords/Search Tags:language and culture, culturally loaded words, intercultural communication, culturally blank words
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