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A Study On Culturally-Loaded Words Translation Strategies Of The Chinese-English Conference Interpreting From The Perspective Of Eco-Translatology

Posted on:2015-01-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays, conference interpreting has been playing an important role in the inter-cultural communication, especially the interpreting in press conference held in the duration from NPC to CPPCC in China. Culturally-loaded words contain words, proverbs, idioms and poems in press conference, which are used by Chinese leaders to explain and publicize the policies and national conditions. And this posts great challenges to interpreters. The author collected the video clips of the press conferences of three sessions of Premier Wen Jiabao and one session of Premier Li Keqiang. And this thesis, based on the translation as adaptation and selection, expounds the eco-environment of culturally-loaded words on Chinese-English conference interpreting, then discusses the interpreting strategies of culturally-loaded words from linguistic, communicative and cultural dimensions.This thesis tries to point out that it is important for interpreters to adapt to the eco-environment in a conference when interpreting culturally-loaded words firstly, and then the interpreters should try to analyze and deal with the interpretation of Chinese culturally-loaded words from the perspective of "multi-dimensional adaptation and selection". The thesis aims at establishing a theoretical framework for analyzing and processing of culturally-loaded words in conference interpreting. Meanwhile, by analyzing the specific examples in conference interpreting, the thesis intends to put forward some positive solutions.
Keywords/Search Tags:conference, interpretation, culturally-loaded words, eco-environment, multi-dimensional adaptation and selection
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