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The Advantage Analyze And Design Discuss Of Chinese Logo

Posted on:2006-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360155456309Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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This thesis concludes two parts: "Advantage of Chinese logo" and " Design of Chinese logo" . In the first part, Thesis points out the role of Chinese logo is weak now. The direction of Chinese logo development is in favor of latin letter, which leads to Chinese logos lost native character. As the design society takes indifferent attitude towards this phenomenon, Chinese logos miss their right direction. From philosophy, economics, esthetics, design, culture, information and history, I analyze the precious value and particular advantage of Chinese logo. Since Chinese character has so many advantages such as ZhongYong concept, graphical simulation beauty and spirit beauty, and it is carrier of Chinese culture, Chinese logo should have bright future.In the second part, I put Gestalt psychology and relevant knowledge about memory and esthetics into the Chinese logo design with purpose. In this way, I construct the theoretical basis of Chinese logo design. In this part, I make a deep analyze towards some long-existed shortcoming of Chinese logo. For example, the recognition is weak, the image is not easy to remember and it is too complex. I use some logos as example, make out some proper resolution, and conclude some methods of Chinese logo design.The central idea of this thesis can be concluded as follow: Guiding by proper Chinese logo design methods, backing by contemporary esthetics and psychology, and following the multi-way development trend of logo design, along with Chinese economy and great role in world stage, Chinese logos are sure to play an important role in logo world with their particular visual beauty.
Keywords/Search Tags:ZhongYong concept, the carrier of Chinese culture, graphical simulation beauty, spirit beauty, particular visual beauty
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