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Cultivating Non-English Majors' Oral Communicative Competence Through College English Teaching

Posted on:2005-12-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155360155974797Subject:English language teaching theory
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The concept of "communicative competence" dates back to the 1970's. Linguistic researchers and linguistic learners have been paying close attention to it. It makes us consider language not only in terms of its structures but also in terms of the communicative functions that it performs. "The primary function of language is for interaction and communication"(Richards, & Rodgers, 1986: 71). And according to Stern (Stern: 1990: 94-95 see in Walcott), "Communication or communicative competence has come to be viewed as the main objective of language teaching; at the same time, communication has increasingly been seen as the instrument, the method, or way of teaching."Communicative Approach came into being based on the theory of communicative competence. Communicative Approach has exerted a great influence on improving the communicative competence of students since it was introduced to China.To our disappointment, when observing the college English classes, we have found college English teaching still aims to develop the reading ability of college students. Teachers dominate the classroom activities, while students have few opportunities to apply what they have learnt to practical communication. "The stress on reading ability alone should be changed, in its place over-all competence in the four skills should be emphasized, for no excuses for neglecting listening and speaking can hold water"(Liu Runqing).This thesis discusses some effective ways to develop the oral communicative competence of students in college English teaching.This thesis consists of four parts:In Chapter 1, a brief review is first made to introduce the background, the theoretical basis and the characteristics of Communicative Approach. Further exploration into the necessity of improving the oral communicative competence of students is made.In Chapter 2, classroom observations and a questionnaire are made to find what prevents the oral communicative competence of college students in current college English teaching.(1) College English teaching focuses too much on linguistic competence.(2) College English teaching lacks introduction to the foreign language culture.(3) College English teaching still adopts a teacher-centered model chiefly.In Chapter 3, some effective teaching methods are introduced to improve the oral communicative competence of students based on both Communicative Approach and teaching practice:(1) Developing the discourse competence of students. It can be achieved through teaching the words and reading materials communicatively.(2) Equipping college students with cross-cultural communicative competence. Teachers can incorporate foreign language culture into college English class and encourage college students to assimilate foreign language culture outside the classroom(3) Setting up student-centered teaching models in college English class. First, it is necessary to reorient the roles of teachers and students, and secondly try to increase interactions in college English classroom.In Chapter 4, some conclusions are made and some questions worthy to be pondered deeply over are put forth.
Keywords/Search Tags:College English class, oral communicative competence (non-English majors), Communicative Approach, discourse competence, culture, student-centered
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