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Research On People's Subjectivity Under Socialist Market Economy

Posted on:2006-12-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360182498698Subject:Marxist philosophy
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People's subjectivity is very important in the study of people. Reviewing the philosophyhistory, we may see that philosophers have different understanding to people's subjectivity indifferent period. Since China carried out the reform and open policy, the research on people'ssubjectivity has deepened unceasingly along with the development of China's socialist marketeconomy construction. In this paper, starting from a diachronical viewpoint, the author mainlydiscusses people's subjectivity on the basis of applying theories to the reality. In this paper,the author believes that Marxism philosophy about people's subjectivity theory develops themerit and discards the demerit of the former philosophers;that, up to now, Marxismphilosophy gives a most perfect, most systematic and most scientific elaboration on people'ssubjectivity. Marxism philosophy about people's subjectivity theory has great significance inguiding the socialist market economy construction. Therefore, under the socialist marketeconomy, people's subjectivity must be strengthened. This paper includes three parts:The first part mainly deals with subject, subjectivity and their definitions as well. In thebroad sense, subject is the initiative aspect among the universally existed things that mutuallyaffect. In the narrow sense, subject refers, in particular, to the person who is engaged inpractice. Subjectivity is the natural disposition of subject or its property.The second part mainly concerns with the transformation of Marxism philosophy onsubjectivity and the achievement it obtained in theory. First, the elaboration of subjectivity'sfoundation: the subjectivity contained in the practice;Second, methodology principle:subjectivity manifested in the materialistic dialectics principle;Third, Marxism philosophy'sbasic connotation about subjectivity.The third part mainly discusses the relationship between people's subjectivity andsocialist market economy. First, the intrinsic relevance between the development of socialistmarket economy and people's subjectivity;Second, the problems appeared in carrying out thesubjectivity under socialist market economy;Third, several points for subjectivity cultivationunder socialist market economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Subjective, People's Subjectivity, Socialist Market Economy
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