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Negative Transfer Of Mongolian On English Writing And Counterplan Research-A Case Study Of The Errors In English Writing Of Mongolian University Students

Posted on:2009-10-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H MeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360245451603Subject:English Curriculum and Pedagogy
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Negative influence of the First Language has always been one of the major difficult problems for learners and researches of language. English writing ability clearly demonstrates the students' comprehensive ability in using English. Negative influence of the first language remains a chief obstacle in the path of the Chinese students' improvement in their writing ability.The present thesis aims at finding out the negative influence of Mongolian as the First Language on the university students' composition. Based on the relevant theories and research findings of Second Language Acquisition, this thesis carries out a careful analysis of the Mongolian university students' composition, questionnaire and individual interview also serve as the instrument for this purpose. Firstly, this thesis investigates and verifies the influence of negative transfer of Mongolian in the English writing of Mongolian university students. Secondly, a detailed analysis is performed of the typical errors and the causes for them. Thirdly, the factors leading to the negative influence are explored, and some suggestions and strategies are proposed in an attempt to overcome the influence of negative transfer in English writing.This thesis is composed of the following six chapters and it proceeds in the following way:Chapter one reports the English education background of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the present English learning situation of Mongolian students, and points out the importance of the researches on the influence of negative transfer of Mongolian on the English writing of Mongolian students. The purpose, significance and research questions of this thesis are thereupon examined. Chapter two examines the relevant theoretical foundation of this study, including the delimitation of key terms, a brief review of the error analysis theory, contrastive analysis theory, interlanguage theory, transfer theory, and the researches carried out so far home and aboard.Chapter three serves as an introduction and detailed narration of the subject, specific processes and data collection of the study. This chapter also analyzes and discusses the result of the questionnaire, composition testing and individual interview, and the types of error analysis are specified.The core of this thesis lies in chapter four, in which the negative transfer theory is used to analyze the typical error types on different levels, and the causes for these errors are given a profound analysis.Chapter five is devoted to put forward some specific suggestions for teaching based on the research result.Chapter six concludes the thesis. The limitation of the study, solutions and suggestion for future research are pointed out.
Keywords/Search Tags:English Writing, First Language, Negative Influence, Error Analysis, Suggestions for Teaching
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