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The Influence Of Contemporary Western Culture-related Schools On The Development Of Liu Miqing's Translation Theories

Posted on:2009-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Liu Miqing(1939—) is an outstanding scholar, translator and translation theorist who has made greater contributions to the translation circle in China . Up to present, he has published 11 books and also numerous theses in a series of core journal, such as Foreign Languages and Their Teaching, Journal of Foreign Languages, Translators' Journal, and Modern Foreign Languages. His works are of ground-breaking guidance and practical value to many translation fields because his researches are centered on the basic problems which can not be ignored in translation field. In 2004, his tremendous achievements on translation theory led to China Translation and Publishing Corporation's decision to publish all his works: Complete Translation Works of Liu Miqing.The Liu Miqing's efforts to address the prevailing situation in domestic translation, namely much emphasis on practice, with little attention to the theoretical research, have contributed to his emphasis on the necessity of developing translation theory of his own. He insists that translation practice be guided by translation theory; he establishes the basic framework of translation theory system, thanks to his elaborate study on traditional Chinese translation theories and western translation theories; at the same time, he warns that some contemporary scholars in China who have failed to notice current situation are blindly following the western theories. He has distinguished himself with the ground-breaking approach that the construction of translatology and translation theory system with Chinese characteristics should be accomplished by not only inheritance of traditional Chinese translation theories, but also study on the best features of western translation theories.Liu Miqing's researches cover a much wider academical field. His translation theories are subjected to influence not only by traditional Chinese translating theories, but also by some western translation schools. This paper is focused on the influence of three western schools on the development of his translation theories.The first part gives a brief introduction to Liu Miqing's life, his main works, and the significance of this research, the prevailing situation of domestic research and the creation and the defiencies in this paper. The second part deals mainly with structuralism thoughts on which his theories developed. Structural linguistics exerted a very important influence on the development of his translation theories. For example, Liu Miqing' translation theories are divided into "internal system" and "external system", as influenced by the representative of structuralism, Saussure. The third part occupies the most important one devoted to the influence of analytical philosophy on his theories, with the emphasis on the significant influence of Wittgenstein on his theories, such as "language games" and "integrated theory". The fourth part, namely the extension of the third part is concerned mainly with the influence of functionalism on development of his translation theories, which contributes a lot his new approach to translation, that is, statics functioning as substance and dynamics as utility. He promotes a new translation strategy, which is replacement of "correspondence" with "functional compensation". The last part is the summary of the whole paper.Liu Miqing is an outstanding patriotic representative of China's translation. Based on the approach that researches on translation theories proceed from the perspective of cultural strategies, he put forward the translation theory that Chinese should be the internality and English should be the externality. Many years' study on the western cultures has resulted in his emphasis that China's translation theory under construction should exhibit Chinese characteristics. He has been recognizes as one of those rare translation theorists with significant insight due to a deeper study on Sinology and western learning. As a result, the study on Liu Miqing and his translation theories is of increasing importance and value.
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