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Discourse Break And Monologue In Feminine Narrative Realm

Posted on:2010-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155360275956467Subject:Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature
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Liu-zhen is a powerful writer, in "Seventeen-Year" period in the second half of the 20th century. With sharp eyes and deep condensate emotion, she set up her own beautiful world of literature. From 1951, she started to publish works, her collection of short stories are "Chun Sister", "long water", "Hero of the movement", "Liu Zhen selection of short stories" and "Good aunt" "I and the small-wing", "Chun Sister" are her main representatives. These novels not only depicted the fight against juvenile enemy anti-Japanese hero of ingenuity, courage and revolutionary cause of the firm with the loyalty, but also sing the praises of the revolutionary spirit of optimism. However, as there are creative writers and creative practice of passion and a unique account of human language, the critics pay less research attention on her novel, particularly from the feminist consciousness aspect.This paper is divided into three parts, the introduction, the main body (three chapters) and the conclusions.The first chapter focuses on the Liu's feminine living experience and her revolutionary production. Liu Zhen's juvenile-communist individuals were the main spirit of building and construction of the new regime in the context of legitimacy for the revolutionary significance of the narrative production, and thus a beautiful revolutionary heroism and revolutionary optimism of the spirit of fraternity and classic affection, and build the " seventeen years, "the grand narrative fiction and the mainstream discourse.The second chapter on the feminine consciousness of the revolution under the care of discourse as well as the overflow of human discourse. While Liu depict the revolution, exquisiteness, tenderness, carefulness, such as feminist consciousness unconsciously overflow, which produces both accommodation and distraction between her creation and the mainstream literature and revolutionary thought of the grand narrative needs, especially in her daily-life writing and maternal love, heterosexual love, the love of brothers and sisters and family ties, love, friendship and love, such as the revolutionary discourse of human nature as the awareness of women-sensitive nature has become the "core" of Liu Zhen's fiction. Those from rural areas, simple, bright and clean, innocent image of a small female figures in contemporary art galleries in the literature constitute a unique sequence.Chapter III focuses on the monologue in the discourse break of Liu-zhen's fiction. Liu's party spirit give her direct character to face the life. This personality is deeply engraved in a little girl to grow up to a young women ,so she has a strong sense of social responsibility, thus, deep-seated childhood memories, emotions and the reality of teenage social life and the social collision become her unique connotation of the novel. Therefore, Liu Zhen bravely broke through the restrict area of literature, through the intervention of life novel, long-standing exposure to the community, to promote literature and human nature of love and beauty, truth and good. THESE has become dedicated to "Seventeen Years" as her unique contribution to the literature research.To cut the long story short, Liu Zhen's working in "Seventeen-Year" proposes a unique contribution to contemporary literature, she salvaged the fragments in the mainstreamed literature discourse, with the women sensitiveness, self-esteem and independence, she promoted the true and good, love and beauty in her works in the times of agitation of the gentle tone contains unknown marvelous qualities for the new contemporary Chinese literature. All in one word, in the literature history, she is worthy of our researchers to pay more attention.
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