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Instruction Of Communicative Language Testing On College Oral English Teaching Through CET-SET

Posted on:2010-08-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360275962659Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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With the development of the society, countries all over the world have been in more and more frequent contact with each other, and the whole world is regarded as a"global village", where English plays a key role in communication and contact. However, oral English has not attracted so much attention in China. Therefore, the present study on college oral English teaching which can improve students'oral English ability is of positive significance.Teaching and testing are closely related with each other. Communicative language testing is a manifestation of the communicative function of language. After 20 years'development, Bachman's communicative language ability is regarded as the most thorough and ideal model and is applied to many kinds of teaching and testing. In 1999, the College English Test-Spoken English Test (CET-SET) was launched, which led people to put much more stress on oral English and promoted the students to improve oral English.However, the oral English test does not have a long history in China. Moreover, there is relatively less formal study concerning the instruction of CET-SET on oral English teaching. So it is necessary to make a detailed analysis of the test. It is of innovative and practical importance for the oral English teaching to apply the test to class teaching in a communicative way.Qualitative and quantitative analysis are adopted in the thesis. 200 students in Shandong Economic University are selected for the questionnaire and 84 of them in two classes are taken as participants in the experimental teaching. The two classes included in the experiment are: the experimental class and the control class. The students in both classes are sophomores from Shandong Economic University.This thesis tries to design a communicative oral English class with communicative language testing as its theoretical basis and CET-SET as its practical reference in experimental teaching. On the one hand, the thesis analyzes communicative language ability and CET-SET, indicating that the test possesses communicative features. Then some improvements are made so as to apply the test to the following study and experimental teaching. On the other hand, an experimental teaching class guided by the form of CET-SET is proposed to cultivate the students'comprehensive ability in an effective way. The teaching class follows Bachman's communicative language ability frame. Strategic ability is the center in oral English while language ability is the basis and psycho-physiological mechanism is an ingredient in oral English. The experiment is divided into five parts: questionnaire, pre-test, class teaching, post-test and results analysis. Data from the questionnaire, the pre-tests and post-tests are analyzed with the help of computer word excel. Data from the questionnaire show that the students are not satisfied with current oral English class though they have passion and confidence in bettering their oral English, which paves the way for the experimental teaching. Then a pre-test is conducted to get the original scores of the students'oral English and a post-test is conducted to compare the scores with those in the pre-test. The comparisons indicate that the scores in the post-test are much higher than those of the pre-test in the experimental class. Therefore, the experimental teaching turns out to be effective. In brief, the thesis tries to design an effective oral English teaching class and promote the college students'comprehensive oral English ability.At the end of the thesis, the author pointed out the limitations of the study and offered some suggestions for further research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Communicative Language Testing, Communicative Language Ability, CET-SET, Oral English Teaching
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