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Color Study Of Fengxiang Clay

Posted on:2010-10-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y N LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360275980973Subject:Art of Design
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Color as a visual gateway to the senses, filled with our vision to every corner of life. At the concept of Chinese traditional culture, the color can be described as a culture carrier, and its occurrence and development of this nation's history, culture and national spirit is inextricably linked. But now, in a modern design in all areas of the Department of such deep colors of the concept of national culture began to become scarce, the lack of color on the subject of national study. And makes the West's colors constitute the three major aspects of the physiological, physical, psychological research has dominated, which makes Chinese designers have begun to become anxious.In this paper, based on the national topic of color research, analysis of visual imagery in the process, the analysis can be embedded in the depths of the visual pleasure of the national spirit with the concept of emotional color, so color reproduction of the Chinese nation the concept of culture, the Chinese used to guide nation's modern design. Domestic designers now have begun to attach importance to this point, but draw on traditional culture studies, most of the traditional culture as a whole or in part, to the design of the draft copy that has been the traditional factor is the application of traditional culture and learn from. This reference is blunt, superficial, and should not the performance of both traditional culture and the meaning of truth, it should not highlight the modern design sense of the times. Therefore this study will not only Fengxiang painted clay colors in modern design and, more importantly, the cultural connotation of how to guide the design of performance studies.Only rooted in the national soil is the great modern art, far-sighted and profound art. Fengxiang clay color color Chinese research study is only a very small focus, we are the national colors of the development and research is also much more than that, it is important to see is a big reflection of small deep-seated culture of the ethnic structure and aesthetic psychology, thereby Chinese modern design to make art in the color field of research has a new space to expand.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fengxiang clay, Cultural connotations, Color mood, Subjectivity, Sense of the times, Thematic
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