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The Research Of The Designing About TCSL Reading Materials According To The Schema Theory

Posted on:2011-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155360305450335Subject:Chinese as a Foreign Language
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The Schema Theory has more than two-hundred years history. The concept of the Schema was brought up by Kant, who was a German philosopher. Firstly the Schema was a concept in his Apriorism. Then the Schema was developed to a concept of psychology by Frederick Bartelett. Later it had been developed to the modern Schema Theory by Jean Piaget,D. E. Rumelhart,Carrell etc. In the modern Schema Theory, the schema means the representation and the struture about the knowledge, which had been stored up in long-term memory system.The Schema Theory is a kind of reading theory, the text has no meanings, meanings are produced through the interactions between the old schemata and the new ones.In the early stage, the Schema Theory was used to explain the first language understanding, then it developed into the interculture area and become a very important theory of the second language understanding, expecially means a lot to the reading teaching in the second language teaching area. But untill to the 1980s of last century, it hasn't been completely developed.Since 1980s of last century in America, The Schema Theory was well developed and has been introduced into the field of teaching Chinese as a second language since the beginning of 21st century, and immediately called the attention of the scholars and professionals in China. This paper aims to explore the application of this theory in designing the reading materials for foreigners who study Chinese as a foreign/second language, by case illustrations and systematic analyses. This paper composes of six chapters as showed below:Chapter 0:introduction. Introduce to the research background, primary contents as well as the significance of the study.Chapter 1:literature review:Explore in current researches of the Schema Theory and its application.Chapter 2:relationship between the Schema Theory and the reading education. The interaction is the main theoretical basis of this paper, and according to which the terms, classifications, and models of this theory are discussed, and further analyses of failure reasons for reading education and the possible improvement suggestions are given.Chapter 3:the practical application in reading materials design of TCSL. Based on the previous studies, the influence on the concepts in designing reading materials, heuristic inspiration and practical application in the TCSL area are discussed.Chapter 4:Comparison among different reading materials. Mainly introduce the basic information of sample reading materials, and methodology and procedure of this research. Based on the outcomes, further analyze the strengths and drawbacks of those samples.Chapter 5:a sample of the TCSL reading material. The sample is designed according the Schema Theory. The author hope that it will give some illumination to the others.Chapter 6:conclusion. Brief talk about the problematic issues of this research, and provide suggestions and advices to the future studies.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Schema Theory, Language Schema, Content Schema, Culture Schema, Strategy Schema, Activation, Control, Rebuilt
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