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Ming Dynasty Mid And Late Part Flower-and-Bird Painting Esthetic Sense Connotation And Performance Characteristic

Posted on:2011-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Has divided into separate fields independently since the Tang Dynasty flower-and-bird painting, to the Ming Dynasty earlier period, the flower-and-bird painting development many take the palace art academy as the center, the pursue vivid lifelike art performance, the description is exquisite, applies color becomes this time flower-and-bird painting gorgeously the basic characteristic. Along with Ming Dynasty mid and late part politics transformation, economical development, thought opening. The painters leave ancient method gradually, emphasized the subject esthetic freedom expresses and the author innermost feelings clear feeling, the performance real personality esthetic highly was stressed ideally, then forms the esthetic form style which is in sole possession of, founds the greatly enjoyable flower-and-bird painting the new ball game, has its special status in the history of art, thus is worth the thorough research.
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