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On The Study Of Lv Ji's Flower And Bird Paintings In The Ming Dynasty

Posted on:2017-06-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In this paper, Lv Ji bird artistic characteristics of the main line, Ming painting academy and Lv Ji's bird works meticulous combing.Lv Ji As one of the most famous bird painter of the Ming Dynasty academy, his artistic capacity is very alarming. Today, although a lot of work has been due to various objective factors can not be verified or damaged more, but after finishing still be seen from Lv Ji bird style.I leave these works survive in the world, which according to the different periods of art exhibited different characteristics, combined with its development process is divided into three categories:Beautiful one, and one traditional freehand brushwork neat gorgeous one with the horse, summer school of vigorous ink combined into one.The "lions head goose plum map", "flower plumes map" and "Plum Double-Crane map" for example, the analysis of early school Lu Ji Bian Jingzhao, patriarchal, "Huang", painted more delicate pen, colorful, rich and elegant;In "Eagle magpie map", "lotus eagle Heron map", "Bed and Breakfast Goose FIG month" for example, describes the early to enter the palace at Ji Lv,Lin Liang style completely from imitation to gradually explore their own words to the language,Namely: an ink-based supplemented by pastel, ink Jane rate;In "Guiju mountain birds plans," "Summer View Birds and Flowers" and "Apricot Peacock map" for example,Lv Ji maturely resolved painting work write combining work without delay,without grass Plaza, both rich and magnificent artistic features,And referred to many factors and painter Lu Ji artistic features of the formation of their own persistent spirit of innovation in the discussion process.The article focuses on Lv Ji's masterpiece "Mei tea pheasant bird map" were analyzed, from the subject matter, composition, technique three aspects to demonstrate Lu Ji bird art features.Finally, objective and comprehensive analysis of Lu Ji bird profound impact at the time of the Ming Dynasty painting academy at the same time and even late Muromachi period of Japanese Painting.Lv Ji is one of my favorite artists, I hope this paper, we can deepen the understanding of Lv Ji bird art.
Keywords/Search Tags:Lv Ji, Ming Dynasty, Flower and bird painting, Meticulous, Enjoyable, Artistic characteristics
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