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Modern Human And The Overall Free Development

Posted on:2011-10-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155360308490626Subject:Marxist philosophy
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The modernization of people was made clear since 1960s and has attracted great attention at home and abroad. Modernization of people is extremely rich in content, but the basic property is the promotion of human subjectivity. As early as 100 years ago, the Chinese nation's modernization process has already begun. At present, China is a modern hair after the country's modernization of China is a "transition" and that the transition from traditional to modern people, the process is being modernized. In the current period of well-off society, accelerating socialist modernization and vigorously promote the modernization of the people to realize the free development have great theoretical and practical significance. Modernization is a difficult and far-reaching project, which should under the main guidance of Marxism, depart from the modernization of China's national conditions and the level of Chinese nation, to design goal of China's modernization, plan blueprint for China's modernization, edcuate culture "four" newcomers to achieve well-off objective social reality and human development the ultimate objective of comprehensive and free. To achieve this goal, we should actively explore feasible measures, adopt a series of measures combined micro-and macro aspects, develop the productive forces, implement modern education and create good social, economic, political and cultural environment. We also need to to fully develop their initiative to raise the main quality of the coordination between the two combined aspects.This article focuses on modernization and the people who develop a combination of comprehensive free point, based on the existing theory, uses the Marxist point of view, position, method to study human modernization and human development issues comprehensively and systematicly. The contents include four parts: the first part, analysis of people's overall modernization and development and its related concepts such as freedom , a comprehensive analysis of modern, modernization and full free development of human concepts; the second part is about the Marxist human development theory, the main talk of Marx, Engels, Lenin and other classical writers who described the classical theory of human development; the third part is about the modernization of people's overall freedom and human development of the relationship between the modern and the people from the people's full freedom of development stage of development, needs, means and goals of the four could elaborate; the fourth part is to promote the modernization of freedom to achieve the comprehensive development .In this part , I first propose the conflicts and contradictions between comprehensive modernization and free development of human, and then find ways and means to resolve conflicts on the realization of human freedom of modernization and development of the comprehensive operational measures.
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