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Study On How To Perfect The System Of Project Corporation Responsibility And Strengthen The Management Of Credit Risk In Banks

Posted on:2001-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360002950363Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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System of project corporate responsibilty requests the proect copration to participate thewhole process of the project bo planning and preparing the project to keeping and increasingthe value of the project. It is helpful to realize the unification of responsibility, right andbenefit. It is the base of investmen system reform, decideso the economic benfit of theproject and wt the development of the national economy. The thesis reviews the evolutionof restriction of investment responsibility system in China It also sums up the basic theory ofsystem of project corporate responsibility and surveys some projects that have practiced thesystem. At last, on the view of strengthening the management of credit risk in banks, it pointsout some concrete countermeasures in order to perfect the system. The main content of thethesis is following:l Reviews different systems of restriction of investmen responsibility in different economicsystems.2 Expounds the concept and characteristics of the system and states the necessity ofpracticing the system and the ways to establish a canonical project corporation.3 Through investigating and analyzing some projects that have practiced the system inHeilongjang province, the thesis affirms the positive effects of the system on the investmentsystem reform. At the same time, it points out some problems existing now: l) It is stilldifficult to unify the responsibility right and benefit meanwhile, some functions can't berealizbe. 2) The government interferes in the production, rewards and punshment to thecorporative representative of the project strongly.3) The capital be isn't rational, whilethe prorortion of debt is still high.4 After analyzing the characteristics of loaning project corporation and the ways ofcalculating the credit risk degree, the thesis emphasizes on the key measures to strengthen thecredit risk management in order to perfect the system of project corporate responsibilityPostgraduate: Zhou YanSupervisor: Prof. Li YouhuaMajor: Agricultural Economic Management...
Keywords/Search Tags:system of project corporative responsibility, project corpoation, loan, credit riskmanagement
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