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Study On The Risk Assessment Of Comprehensive Coal Mining Project For ZhaoGeZhuang Mining Corporation

Posted on:2005-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z X XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125963144Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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After China joined the world trade organizes (WTO), the Chinese economic affairs will gradually merge the global market and withstand the tougher and tougher global competition. Because of the characteristics of large-scale construction projects the risks and unpredictable factors to be faced will be getting more and more. The loss scale caused by risks also will become huger and huger. An important way to strengthen competiveness is to improve project management. At present, the project management experts have classified the risk management and object management as two fundamental bases for project management. They think that only combining these two parts organically can fully realize the object of the construction project. The level of risk management, as one of the most important metrics of project management level, is a key factor to decide the future core competitiveness of the project management, even is an only way to align ourselves with international standards. Therefore, it is very important to make a study of risk management for the large-scale construction project.The all risk management process of the construction project is studied in the thesis. The current research situation and development trend both in domestic and international project risk management are analyzed. Based on the analysis result, a further study on project risk identification, project risk assessment methodology, project risk control and mitigation strategy is made, Through analyzing all kinds of risks that exit during the whole construction project in details and comparing methods of the qualitative risk identification and the quantitative risk identification, the risk characteristics and features of large-scale projects are studied. The thesis also analyzes the risks that the project owner and contractors will take and the advantages and disadvantages when both sides adopt different contracts to deal with.Risk Assessment is an extremely important step for risk management system. However, most of the existing assessment methods do not fully reflect the experts' role during the risk assessment process. In addition, the systematization is not strong and the risks quantitative description is fuzzy and lack of the intuitive conclusion. The thesis is to make a study on working out the subjective assessment method, building a risk assessment quantitative model, and establishing the risk assessment index system for the construction projects. As a study result, two risk assessment methods based on the experts' evaluation for construction project are proposed, i.e. Expert Evaluation Method and Statistic Assessment Method. The feasibilities of the method are expounded and proved through living examples that utilize the method in the realistic construction project risk assessment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Risk Management, Construction Project, Risk Identification, Risk Assessment
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