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Market Of Mining Rights And Mineral Rights Value Assessment Study

Posted on:2004-03-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360095951286Subject:Mineral processing engineering
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Although in our country there is a complete range of types in mineral resources and a great sum of it , the amount which each people possesses is less than one half of the world's level, only ranking 80-th in the world, due to the great population in China. With the scale of people and economy in our country increasing, the phenomenon of being short of mineral resources will be more and more serious. The drawbacks of the mode of the administration of the planned economy system is getting clearer, so they must be solved and removed. Under the circumstance, the governmental department being in charge of the geology and mining presents the new method of administrating mineral resources , whose core is : The competitive system is introduced into the dispose of the mineral title, realizing paid transferring and establishing mineral administration system of the capitalization, hi August, 1996, the twenty-first meeting of the Eighth Standing Committee of the National People's Congress passed and promulgated the decision on modifying the Law of Mineral Resource. In February, 1998, the State Council then promulgated three matched laws and regulations, which detailed the fundamental laws of mineral resources, improved the practicality of it, and intensified the exclusiveness of mineral tenement, so these laid a lawful foundation for market operations of it. Because the institution of mineral title, especially the paid system of it, begins very late, the trading commodities of the market is comparatively particular and complex, and the gap of the mineral title market's research exsits, that the features, the function, market structure, the dealing system, the operating model, the way to deal with the situation, and the assessment theories and methods of mineral title are systematically and deeply studied on, has not only the realistic importance but a certain academic value.This thesis centers on the market and the valuation of mineral tenement, mainly analysing and studying the present situation, the cause of the formation, market structure, market mechanism, the operating system and model, the valuation methods, and presenting operational methods of mineral title market, by using the new theories of economics - Game Theory, Information Economics, Option Theory and CapitalAssets Pricing Theory. It hopes to activate the primary market and the second market of mineral title. The thesis includes two parts: the first part is the studying of mineral title market, and the second part is the studying of the valuation of mineral title. Its structure and main contents as follows:Part I The Study of Mineral Title MarketChapter One The study of the necessity of the of mineral title market This chapter begins from the supplying and demanding situation of mineral resources, the present con- dition , and the features of it, then elaborates the problem existing in the administrating and exploiting mineral resources, and contrasts it with the counter part of foreign countries. So it shows the market administrating mineral resources is the only choice and the studying of mineral tenement market is very necessary in the present situation.Chapter Two The study of the operation mechanism and model of mineral title market Firstly, the chapter sets forth the importance of cultivating and establishing mineral title market. Then it defines the mineral title market from the angels of the broad sense and narrow sense respectively. At the same time, it analyses and discusses the features, the key elements, the structure the function of mineral title market.The dealing of mineral title is very complicated, and it requires abundant techniques, such as assets valuation, the law consultant, raising money, determining reserves etc, so the sole dealing parties can't complete the trading and it needs many participants. So, this chapter discusses the position, role, motive action of the participants of mineral title market, including the dealing parties, the intermediary organization ( assessing organization, reserves determining orga...
Keywords/Search Tags:The mineral title market, Operational mechanism and model, The countermeasure, The assessment method of mineral title, Option pricing method
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