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Study On The Management Of The Manpower Capital Value Increase

Posted on:2002-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032454661Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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This text is an investigative treatise probing into the management of increase in value of manpower capital. On the basis of expounding the concept, historical background and the pertinent managerial theories of the manpower capital, this text has investigatively put forward the thinking on implementing the increase in value of the manpower capital and furthermore in the light of analysing the current status and existing issues concerning the management of Chinese manpower capital and in combination with the discussed theories, it tries to coearly expond the viewpoint that the implementation of the strategy of the management of inerease in value is one of the effective ways for strengthening the management of Chinese manpower captital. This text is divided into three chapters including nine sections. Theist chapter emphatically introduces the historical background in which the manpower capital and the managerial theories thereofemerged and tries to, through the study of development coutse of the managerial theories concerning the mnpower capital, analyze and study the practical or immediate significance on the management of manpower capital and thus draw forth my own viewpoint: much more attention and consolidation should be paid to the value- increasing management of the manpower capital. The 2nd chapter os mainly introducing the mode of the management of manpower capital value inerease and through the study of the law between the investment and value of manpower capital so as to bring to light the formation, development of manpower capital and the objective law of the value increase thereof and, put forward the basic way oft realization of the value increase management of manpower capiotal. Tth 3rd chapter has objectively analyzed, on the basis of sum-up of the abovementioned theories, the current managerial status of the Chinese manpower capital investment and pointed out the existing problems in it and, clearly put forward the ideas of making active implementation of management of manpower capital value increase as well as the effective measures to be taken in the future development and use of manpower capital so as to materialize a maximum value increase of manpower capital.
Keywords/Search Tags:Manpower capital, Managerial theory of manpower capital, valueincrease management.
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