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International Comparison Of Manpower Resource Exploitation And Management Of Public Sector

Posted on:2005-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125954795Subject:World economy
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Manpower resource is the summation of entirely labor force that is used in social economic function as production factor in a given area, in knowledge economy era the essentiality of manpower resource management elevates gradually, it is a most important issue that how to manage the quality and quantity of manpower resource. The public sector corresponds with the private sector, and public sector is based on public power, manages public affairs with law, and it is an administration organization whose target is not market-oriented , profit or payoff. Manpower resource management of public sector differs with that of private sector, studying manpower resource management of public sector redounds to improve the efficiency and equity of administration management. For China being used to planned economy in long time, the importance and imminence of manpower resource management of public sector stand out much more. This paper starts with the connotation and characteristic of manpower resource and manpower resource management of knowledge economy era, analyses the difference between public sector of private sector in manpower resource management, compares the practice of manpower resource exploitation and management in the West public sector, reviews and prospects the actuality and existed issues of China's manpower resource, has the new requests of manpower resource exploitation and management in mind that are brought with entering the WTO, probes into the countermeasure and measures of strengthening manpower resource exploitation and management. The paper introduces the practice of the developed country from three aspects such as renovating mechanism in system of civil service, health care-incentive mechanism and behavior controlled mechanism, brings forward experience worth being referred for China's manpower resource management and some privy viewpoints in management target, management countermeasure.
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