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Research On Venture Capital Collection Of China

Posted on:2002-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032953365Subject:Political economy
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AbstfactBased on knowledge and information, the new hi-tech industry is quitedifferent from the tradihonal induStrial economy in both oPeration and management,Which pllts the old financial systern into an embarrassing sitalion. So vetheecaPital aPpears. It not only provides financing support to the hi-tech enterprises, butalso forms an effective system for the allocation, use and supervision of caPital.Our national economy is now facing great challenges. Though ventUre caPitalcaxmot solve all the problems, yet it is a good way to promote hi-tech, create neweconomic growth POints, and provide more employment oppoAnities. Fundcollection is essential in the operation of ventUre caPital system. The increase ofventUr caPital supply and the proper ways of collection can lay a solid foundationfOr this system and bring impetUs to its development. Thus the issues related toventUre caPital collection are what this essay mainly expounds and emphasizes.ttis thesis consists of three chaPters.ChaPter I makes a brief introduction to venthe capital, explaihing its concept,characteristics, ernergence, development and global tendency.ChaPter II discusses the importance of fund collection, analyzes the collectionpatterns of several rePresentative coUntries such as AJnerica, JaPan, Israel and India,summarizes their success and failure, and finally concludes the valuableexperiences tha we can use for reference.ChaPter III exPOunds the ventUre caPital collection pattern of our coUntry. Itbegins with the restrict factors we encounter at present and then dissects theadvantages and disadvantages of the existing pattem in Which govenunefit providesmajor fund and plays a dominant role. With reference to this analysis and the international experiences, the writer puts forward a rational and feasible pattern as following: collecting fund from primary investors like financial organizations, big enterprise groups and so on; forming venture fund; and making it the main capital source.This thesis ends with the writeręŠÆ proposal about policies and reformation measures in developing the venture capital cause of our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:venture capital, fund collection, venture investors
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