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On Improving And Perfecting The China Construction Supervision System

Posted on:2002-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360032953465Subject:Administrative Management
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AbstraotIinPementin the COnstructi SUpetwfor Systm is the key Way Of realtwthe orghc combnation of cobo and benet. qUantity and qtality in -cOnStructi ffeld of our cmp It is the speific eInWent of ndbo the basicH of "Wc systffe tO M" and "eCOwtc incnae tO bo tw". Theconstructi supewision systeIn is one of fOur basic systems in the comphensiveInatched reform of engineerin constructi Sytw of our coUnny wt LaW ofctwon of the PeOPles RePublic of China > WhiGh Propulgand by State in l"7,detw assigned the State tw out the COnStruction SUpehasion system. TheMn Mhatw as well as Other adnhatratin detwnts at a serieS ofStatUte' Sytw and dboled rules conehag the conSWon sUPewision system insuccession. Thcse regUlations pebe the cOntCni such as the edon SetUP andndvity PrinciPle of supewision wt the relallon betwee SUpewision ot and othred pe in ~ mtw the ~sbo pethe, its Obligh itS We itsM Nss and its manageInent fashion. So, thOse ot the ndSUpehaSion Sytw which POSSeSS ChineS bostic.DiH by Den kiaoPings TheOry on bulding s-sm with ChinesecharaCteristics, W to the Mral gQa of ehabishing socialiSt mahaecM thes M dries oot CeM reSearch tO the Problems in the Practicingconstruction SUpetwsion spe in oor cOUnny FirStly the basic comp andMon of dson sUPerVsion and tbe sySbo are exglathed- It reviws thegenesis and develoPInot of home and abroad conndon SUperVsion syStem. AndexPOunds sighficance of ~cing the cOnStwon SUpehosion pe associatedthe the Of ProInOting cOnSWon sUpehasion system in our cOUop SeCOndly itaselyzes the main PrObems and the cause chch PullbaCk cUrrently the devkiPmntof --on SUpewision Sywt by the nUmbe thrOugh bo bo theN Of the Cthe Construction ~sion. Finally, the bocle lmp a Stress onPrtw bo the wior countermeas nd pethe measur to tw tal ghthe China COnStw SUpewifor system COtnbined with the deV~ Of Chamarkot econOmp and the un re~en of cOnnecting with iforOnal ~cein theect market.nThe outstanding characteristic of this paper is following. Applying the general principle of the operation of socialist market economy and combining the actuality of the China construction supervision system and supervision experience of mine for many years, this paper makes investigation on the main problems currently faced when the cause of the China construction supervision system is developing. Such as, construction market is non-standard; some construction supervision unit is still not verily independent corporate body; construction supervision level is not high; corruption phenomena occur from time to tome and so on. At the same time, the paper analyzes the major causes of problems carefully. First, government macroscopic adjusting control is not power, propagate intensity is not enough; second, enterprise form is rigid, the comprehensive quality of enterprise is not high; third, regulations system is not rigorous, management intensity is not enough.As to the problem during developing said about, this paper puts pertinently forward following suggestion: Increase the propagate intensity for the construction supervision system in the interest of raising the social position of supervision. Strengthen macroscopic government regulating in the interest of standardizing construction market and making it grow normally. Perfect supervision regulation and legal system to guarantee the healthy development of construction supervision cause. Accelerate step of altering system of supervision enterprise and establish modem enterprise system. Strengthen professional self-discipline in the interest of setting up the authority of supervisor and rooting out corruption. Amplify the supervision training work and heighten the overall quality of supervision team in the interest of raising the professional work level.
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