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Discussion On The Problems Of State-owned Enterprises Establishing Modern Enterprise System

Posted on:2003-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360062450357Subject:Administrative Management
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The state-owned enterprises are the pillar of national economy, the micro-base of social economic performance.. Pushing the reform and development of the state-owned enterprises, making the state-owned enterprises and market economy organically combined, revitalizing and strengthening the state-owned enterprises are the important bases of developing social productive forces, promoting national economic sound development, realizing a long period of stability of the state and keeping social stability. Also they are the key links in the reform of the economic structure, the main task in the primary stage of socialism.The structural reform of our state-owned enterprises advances gradually. It can be divided into two stages since the reform of enterprises began in 1978. That is, "Granting decision-making power to enterprises and allow them to keep more profits" before the Third Plenary Session of the 14th Central Committee of the Communist Party Of China held in November of 1993 and " institutional innovation." In the former stage we mainly grant decision-making power to enterprises and allow them to keep more profits, keep the key point in benefit stimulus and distribution to stimulate the product enthusiasm of the enterprises. But the reform didn't receive much actual effect, the efficiency was very obvious, hi the latter stage we mainly explore "the two powers should be separated," to make the relations between ownership and management of enterprises explicit, make the legal person administer standardize, make property restraint hardenize and so on, explore "system innovation," and deepen reform. After the Third Plenary Session of the 14th Central Committee of the Communist Party Of China held in November of 1993, we reform the structure of the enterprises, try out contracting system, leasing system, responsibility system of enterprise operation, shareholding system and some other reform forms in different ranges. After objectively analyzing and comparing many reform forms, 1 think leasing system isfit for small enterprises, all kinds of contracting systems are just transition. Only shareholding system is the most hopeful and scientific form in the reform of the state-owned enterprises. Reforming shareholding system and establishing mordern enterprises system are the inevitable choice which can make the state-owned enterprises enter into the world.The key links of carrying out shareholding system reform and establishing mordern enterprise system are that we should carry out property right reform, separate government function from enterprises management, establish standard legal person administer structure to make the enterprises main part of market competition and indepentant legal entities. There exist three problems in the property order of present state-owned enterprises. First, ownship and managerial authority are mixed. Second, the functions of the government and enterprises mixed up, functions are in confusion. Third, the state-owned assets haven't liquidity. To establish mordern enterprise system is to set up a kind of new and reasonable property order, to make property right diversify, form multiple shareholder. Multiple shareholders entering makes the capital liquidity, at the same time, the government will authorize the state-owned assets to the enterprises and realize separation of enterprises from administration.We should establish mordern enterprise system from the six aspects. That is to develop diversity of investors actively to make the property right diversify; to perfect company admininster structure, make the administration of enterprises standardize, scientific; to improve the administration ,supervision and operation systems of the state-owned assets, authorize the state-owned assets to the enterprises; to develop capital market, promote capital flow and make the capital of the enterprises add value in the management; to face the market actively, shift operation mechanism and make the enterprises responsible for their own management decision, profits and losses,practise self-res...
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